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TOROCast Hard Mode – Episode 10 – A Good Start

WARNING! This episode of TOROCast Hard Mode is not your usual show. Some comments may be seen as offensive or explicit. Parental guidance is advised. Welcome to Hard Mode.

With the disclaimer out of the way, Mae and Road are back to discuss 2.6 changes with Synyc and Snave, while Brian is off on some sort of post-life changing vacation with his better half. Listen in and enjoy as we get this year going, full steam ahead.

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  1. Great cast! I kind of wish I heard it live, maybe next week.

    I have a Merc healer on the Bastion Mae, but our raid availability doesn’t line up or I’d volunteer.

    Let me just say, those merc healing changes are insane.

    The rapid shots thing is very nice. If you’re on your own you will be able to build stacks while moving or without using energy, or to give a small heal to yourself to top off or whatever without needing to apply a kolto shell and start shooting someone. This will be very nice for lowby characters as well, since the proc on kolto shell is kind of high in the tree.

    At end game PVE there are a few times when you’re capping your energy and are left in a spot where your only option is to kolto shell yourself and start DPSing the boss to heal. This is especially so when you’re in a movement intensive part of a content and can’t afford to stand to cast. If I’m running my options are: kolto overload, jetboost, kolto shell + shooting bad guys, emergency heal, and cure – all of which are limited, have long cooldowns, or energy intensive – but you use what you have to use. Being able to shoot yourself while running would be great.

    For the most part this will improve soloing content and pvp situations.

    The Kolto shell on everything though… man that’s insane. It already lasts forever right now. In most boss fights you only need to apply it three or four times. The thing about Kolto shell that’s the best is that you can cast it while moving. I can easily imagine situations where you’re in a movement heavy / heal light part of an operation where you quickly throw it down on everyone. In PVP it’ll be just great, since you can throw it up on who’s being focused at the start of your rotation, like a tank guard, or you can apply it while on the run between points and objectives, or while fleeing combat – without feeling like you’re giving up heals on another person that needs it.

    I’m sure baddies will use it like it’s candy, but whatever. This is an improvement over my suggestion, which was to reduce the cooldown on Vent Heat by like 10 or 15 seconds.

    I think Bioware could come up with some easy ‘cross server’ pvp solutions. Why not put up the PTS right now, allow unlimited transfers, change it’s name to “The Ranked PVP and Testing Server”, give people unlimited access to commendations, money, whatever they need to be best in slot, and just say “only rankings on this server matter for PVP.” Tie some achievements back to the original character you transfered that let you access cool stuff if you’re high ranked on the PTS (I know this is possible, there are achievements and titles you get if you transfer to the PTS [if necessary just do it manually, should only take a few hours of work each season]). When a major new patch comes out, and it’s time to test content, that’s when the season ends. Putting serious pvp on the test server would also allow them to do lots of micro fixes and balances.

    The fact is, this would make them zero cartel moneys. You’re absolutely right it’s amateur hour over there, and some of us have experience doing this. They fired too many people and their priorities are what they are. Do we even know who replaced head of class balance after Georg Zoeller was removed?

    And yes, the player skill level is worse today.

    Not too sure about fixing Scoundrels (Ass Pirates). Maybe they should get more burst, but the counter should be more and better stealth detection. I liked the idea of giving them a healing debuff attack, like what marauders get with Deadly Throw.

    Marauders are an easy class to be lazy at, but it punishes you if you are. The smash tree is always about 10 or 20% behind what the other trees can output in sustained, and lacks the interesting aspects of the other trees that push them over the top. The real lazy tree is the smash Juggs, who out preform smash Maras. The problem is so bad most Jugg tanks are smash jugs in Soresu Form and Tank Gear. Nerfing the rage tree would go a long way, but it’s a popular tree because there are players who want to play a melee class that’s not complex. I’m not too sure how you fix that other than a pure nerf to damage or changing how the buffs are applied. It doesn’t seem as bad since the last update though.

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