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A Galactic Gathering!

Hey there, everyone! As some of you have heard, whether on our own podcast or those to be involved, TOROCast, SWTOR Reforged and OotiniCast are teaming up to bring you a SWTOR Community Cast (name pending).  If the Empire and Republic Forces can work together to defeat a greater foe from time to time, then why can’t the fansite community also team up to talk about it? From the last month’s worth of news, to what’s trending in the SWTORVerse (Is that a hashtag yet? It should be), we’ll be covering as many current topics as we can, until our mouths go dry, or the caffeine runs out.


We plan to record the first episode live this coming Sunday, February 9th, at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard. This time is subject to change as we’re still finalizing our planning process, but should it, we’ll be sure to update via our various social medias, and on this very post. For our initial episode, we’ll be introducing ourselves, our intent, and laying the foundation for future shows, which we plan to record monthly. We also plan to bring at least one guest into each show from one of the many, many corners of the SWTOR Community. Guild leaders, other fansites, general community members, and maybe even some of the folks from BioWare itself! With that said, I’m happy to announce that a man of the Community himself, Eric Musco, Community Manager for BioWare Austin, will be joining us for this first step into what will hopefully be a grand adventure for all of us.


While we have plenty to discuss for our initial show, and many burning questions to press Musco with, what would a community show be without addressing the community? From here, I turn it over to you, the reader, the listener, the player: What would you like us to ask Eric Musco on your behalf? Let us know!


Update: By now, you may be wondering where the Episode is, what’s happening with Musco, and a few other things perhaps. Let’s address a few of those! Firstly, the Episode is safe on my hard drive, waiting to be unleashed upon the internet. What’s it waiting for? Of course, the interview with Musco that could not be! However, we’ve finally got him right where we want him, and we’ll be banding together to interrogate him TONIGHT! Tune in to our Twitch Channel tonight (Monday, February 17th) to hear us assault him with our community questions, and even get a chance to have your questions asked while we do at 9:15 PM Eastern (8:15 CST, and so forth).


You can find each of the parties involved on Twitter here:





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  1. This sounds awesome. I’m a big fan of OotiniCast and obviously I’ve listened to TOROcast since ep1. Haven’t heard Reforged before though. Musco is an utter legend. I can’t wait to hear him speak a thousand words a minute again.

  2. At the request of my guild: Moriendum Est on the Jedi Covenant server, I am presenting two questions for Sir Musco-

    1- Why is it, that the developers apparently hate snipers, and are nerfing Orbital Strike into the ground, because it was never supposed to be integral to a single-target rotation, and yet, it’s still an ability that Marksman Snipers need to keep on cooldown in their single target rotation to max their dps? (Likewise, the capabilities that Marksman snipers have to lock down nodes with Orbital with the 4-set pvp bonus and the skill talent to reduce the cooldown to 30s, is a bit insane.)


    2- Since we’ve “killed” Kephess in Explosive Conflict, Terror From Beyond, and then multiple times at Brontes in Dread Fortress- Does one of the devs have a cat named Kephess and that’s why he keeps showing up?


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