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Galactic Stronghold Announced!

What exactly is the GSF size expansion we should be looking forward to this year?  Why, the Super Secret Housing Project that we were teased a few weeks ago with on the Developer LiveStream of course!

On their Galactic Strongholds page:

As the war between the Empire and the Republic rages, the galaxy’s greatest heroes have expanded their influence by acquiring STRONGHOLDS, customizable bastions of personal luxury. In a bid for power, these heroes must also join together to launch their own GUILD FLAGSHIPS.  Customize and expand your Strongholds to show off the power of your Legacy in the new Free-to-Play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Digital Expansion, GALACTIC STRONGHOLDS.

This digital free expansion contains highly customizable player housing, including achievement trophies and furniture, the long awaited Guild Ships, and the often begged for legacy storage.  The official launch of the Galactic Strongholds expansion is August with Subscribers receiving early access on June 24, followed by preferred status players on July 29.  Subscribers can look forward to an exclusive Sky Palace Stronghold on Nar Shaddaa with 3 additional rooms, the Galactic Stronghold label for your stronghold, “The Illustrious” title, and increased Cartel Coin grants leading up to launch.   Preferred players can also look forward to the titles.  Players will be able to live on multiple planets, Nar Shaddaa or your faction’s capital world.  Stronghold customization will also earn you “Prestige Score” which will be ranked on a public Stronghold Directory.

The full announcement and details can be found on SWTOR.com.


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