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TOROcast 5 Year Anniversary SWTOR Giveaway

Man-o-man, hard to believe that five years ago we started podcasting.  Just myself and Musco getting TOROcast going to talk about a game where at the time we knew nothing about.  For those of you who have no clue who I am, my name is Samm, before Road and his ragtag crew, Musco and I ran this joint. We spent countless hours digging for information, dumped hours a week into this site, hours into the podcast; boasted one of the best, most active communities outside of the official site.  And then, SWTOR launched I was struck with disappointment, not to mention its release fell on a time where I was moving and didn’t have the time to invest.  The reigns were handed off to Tom, and then eventually Road, who now runs the shows each week. I still stay behind the scenes taking care of the site and managing users but, its mostly Road and Mae who do it all now.

To celebrate the five year anniversary of TOROcast, I’ve decided to play SWTOR again.  Mainly due to boredom setting in but also because I do not want to drop more money on an MMO to play.  If you follow my twitter, you already know this, as many of you have been asking me what I think about the game now just two years after its release and finally making a return.  I have to say SWTOR has changed quite a bit.  On the top its still the same great game play that it had the first time I got my hands on it at E3 2009.  Deep down, with all the wonderful additions its turned out to be an even better game, and it is now to the point that I feel it should have been on launch day.  Before the masses jump all over me for that comment, realize this: Before SWTOR released, World of Warcraft was in its… what, eighth year?  With all the small nitty gritty features offered by WoW, had a small fraction of those features been added to the launch of SWTOR it would have held its one point whatever million subscribers from launch. Anyway, that’s not my point of this post.

Once upon-a-time my opinion was highly valued by the SWTOR community because I was one of the many nay-sayers who refused to believe SWTOR was the WoW killer, or next big MMO.  I’ll say this now; if you valued my opinion then value it now.  If you’re like me and left SWTOR at launch, go back.  Pick it up again, play, realize the game is way closer to what you wanted now than it was at launch.  DO NOT pick up the free to play.  It’s a waste of time, and garbage.  BioWare/EA/Disney Arts whoever owns SWTOR now needs to rethink that system all together.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of TOROcast, I am going to discuss my time with SWTOR on this weekend’s show, Sunday, April 6th 2014.  We’ll also be doing giveaways on this weekends show randomly throughout the show, which can be listened to live over at http://twitch.tv/twonkhammer.  I’m not going to say what we’re giving away until we are recording know that we have close to 50 items to pass out.  Unable to listen to the show live?  Do not fret, we’ll be saving a few of each item to give out over Twitter, Facebook, and by listening to the podcast.  Also, take notice that I do not have a time listed here.  MOST of the time, TOROcast runs at either 2 PM EST or 2:30 PM EST, however Road was possibly talking about doing the show earlier, so it will be up to you to check back here, the TOROcast Twitter feed, or the TOROcast Facebook page for what time we are doing the show this weekend.

With that said thank you for reading.  We look forward to you joining us this weekend for our fifth anniversary show of TOROcast.

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Hey there friends I am Samm 'Money' Carbo, owner of Twonk Hammer Entertainment, LLC. In March of 2009, along with a dearly missed friend I started a podcast some may know; The TOROcast based on Star Wars: The Old Republic, unfortunately that game was not a fit for me however I did not want to give up podcasting and reviewing games. Thus I started this site, and The Ban Hammer podcast. I am the proud father of currently one, work as a computer tech during the day, and a mail man on Saturday's as you can imagine my life is busy. Follow me on Twitter @SammMoney and of course follow us here @TwonkHammer.


  1. it has been a long time I remember before launch that TOROCAST was my weekly Monday listen, I still remember the bad soundboard you like to play with and even Brads give away of the game before it ever came out (I wonder if he ever lived up to that give away LOL), and who could ever forgot your rant on crafting and housing … man I feel so much older now, thanks for a good 5 years of entertainment Samm, Musco, Road and all that fall in-between, see you sunday

  2. I remember making that massive forum post with all of Samm, Musco, Brandon & Fodigg’s greatest quotes. I’ve never ever had anywhere near as much fun with a podcast as then. And the Sammboard was brilliant! I called myself PurpleCliff back then. Oh and I wrote some articles for the site, almost forgot.
    Anyway, hope to make it on Sunday!

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