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TOROcast – Episode 35 – Information Bonanza

Overwhelmed with all of the articles and interviews this week? Samm and Musco review everything for you in one little podcast. We also bring Brandon along for the trip!

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  • This Week in SWTOR
  • Threat of Peace issue 21
  • Alderaan
  • Jedi Consular
    • Field Recon
    • Outfitting
    • Combat Tacits
      • 2bladed lightsaber
      • wall of force
      • force slam
    • Galactic Basic Translation (thanks to KPants)
  • Far-Left: “Intercept and destroy the Javelin Dreadnought”
  • JUST to the right of the Jedi: “Emperor’s Children”
  • Bottom Right: “Shades of Grey”
  • Under Jedi Consular: “Unifier of the Republic”
  • Next to the Republic Symbol near the bottom of the page: “Dark Plague”

Discussion of the Week

  • Holonet Spaces
  • Interviews
  • Underwhelmed with the difference between inquisitor and consular.
  • James Ohlen openly admits that they intentionally play any and all MMO’s to learn what they can from them.
  • James Ohlen confirms that their is an ending to your story.
  • Smuggler customization
    • Gunslinger
      • Smooth talking
    • Scoundrel
  • Ability to easily switch between customization
  • Companions intended to fill missing roles in groups
    • Inquisitor Companions: Khem Val the Dashade,tank , and Xalek the Kaleesh, a “Darth Maul-style” damage-dealer
  • Character power level seemed too high, expect balance (too heroic?)
  • One interview noted the ‘action’ pacing of the game still doesn’t compare with Cataclysm but it is still early
  • “The actual meat and potatoes of the game looks to be pretty standard, as far as MMOs go” – destructoid
  • Some form of recall abilitiy “hearthstone?”

Hot Topics

  • Last Weeks Topic: Gobble Gobble
  • The one thing that needs to be taken from SWG, if nothing else
  • Will there be official support for gamepads/controllers?
  • Level cap prediction
    • 50 140 58.33%
    • 60 44 18.33%
    • 70 11 4.58%
    • 80 7 2.92%
    • 90 2 0.83%
    • 100 or over 36 15.00%


  • With Blizzard getting ready for their new expansion, and what appears to be Aion doing the same, how do you think TOR will fair on launch day? And how do you think this will affect TOR long term? (Cheetos)
  • Whats aspects of PvP do you want to see in TOR and also what kind of player benefits do you want to see from PvP? Also how much can TOR’s PvP learn from a game like WoW? (Ekke)
  • How much character customization would you like to see at the character creation screen, and how much would you like to have after you have made your character and progress through the game?
  • Side Question: What would your Ideal endgame characters look like? (netfoolsmedia)
  • Do you believe that Bioware will implement a love/relationship system between player A and player B? i.e. a couple that play the game can apply for “marriage” in game, and receive a sort of “marital” status in their character sheet or achievement area? (Kpants)

Closing statements

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