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The March Toward 200

Back with our 5 Year Anniversary Episode, we discussed a number of pet codes, posters and so forth we planned to give away. You may be wondering, “What happened with that, anyway?” We’ve been considering the many ways we can distribute them through various forms of contests, but honestly, we couldn’t settle on one. So why settle on one?


First Contest!

This one will be fairly simple. Each episode, we take a screenshot or piece of artwork for our show image. For Episode 200, why not help us out with that? It’s simple, a screenshot contest! Have a favorite location in game? The requirements for this one are fairly simple:

  • Image must be 1920×1080
  • Your UI must be disabled
  • Name tags must be disabled
  • Higher quality images are preferred

We’ll draw three images from those submitted, the user whose image is chosen to be the final show image for Episode 200 will win a Pre-Release Poster for Star Wars: The Old Republic and an Exclusive Pet Code, while the two runner-ups will each win an Exclusive Pet Code as well. Send all submissions to Road@TOROCast.com

 Second Contest!

Do you like Trivia? We do! This one should be pretty simple, in that case! Follow @TOROCast on Twitter, and every day until we record Episode 200, we’ll drop a random trivia question. The first person to get the correct answer will win one of the Exclusive Pet Codes. Now, we know we have listeners from all different ends of the world, so we’ll also be doing them at various times in an attempt to make sure you’ll all have fair chances to catch one of our trivia drops.


But wait, there’s more!

We still have more stuff to give away, and if you miss your chances with the contests listed above, join us live for Episode 200 (May 11th, 2014 @ twitch.tv/twonkhammer) for another chance!




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