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TOROcast – Episode 36 – Imperial Counselor

On show 36 Samm and Musco are again joined by both Fo and Brandon! We talk in depth about the Sith Inquisitor and go off on some serious tangents. Cool factor, faction balance, and many other random topics. Tune in!


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This Week in SWTOR

  1. Star Wars Legends: Force Unleashed 2
  2. Inquisitor -> Discussion

Discussion of the Week

  • Sith Inquisitor
  • Armor – Screenshots
  • Animations
  • Abilities
  • Encircling in storm of energy
  • AoE Force push
  • Electricty
  • —- —- —- Jolts of electrical energy vault from the Sith Inquisitor’s fingertips to weaken and often paralyze opponents. Many of the Inquisitor’s attacks make use of this skill.
  • “Sith Inquisitor” –
  1. “Aspirant to the Dark Council”
  2. To the Left of the Character – “The Ritual of Force Walking”
  3. To the Right of the Character (Hard to read) – “Terror ‘F F’ Manipulation” (All I could see were two symbols for “F”, and nothing between or before…no word could be formed)
  4. Under the Funny Hat – “Dark Descendant”
  5. Bottom of the Page, near the Imperial Symbol – “Insidious” KPants!

Hot Topics

  • Last Weeks Topic: News
  • Why of why does BW persist on releasing irrelevant content?
  • Should we be able to custom craft our lightsaber?
  1. Definitely, yes ! 237 88.43%
  2. Nooo… 9 3.36%
  3. Something to consider in an expansion? 8 2.99%
  4. Undecided or don’t care. 14 5.22%
  • Do you think TOR players have a right to turn down others based on their stats/gear?
  1. Yes 304 68.78%
  2. No 138 31.22%


  • Do you think that BioWare will wait until the closed beta to get community and tester input on systems like the interactive group conversation mechanic before they make any decisions about whether to allow group mates to have input on crucial story moments, or leave the story arc conversations up to you, alone (ZacharyWF)
  • How do you balance one faction healing through a heal spell and the other faction healing through a drain life spell? One straight heals, the other does damage AND heals. The mind boggles, no? (PyroFox)
  • Do you believe that tOR will implement a legendary item system, and (if so) how do you see it being done? (KPants)
  • The Jedi Knight and the Sith Warrior are supposed to be similar classes in that they are going to be melee tanks or dps with a lightsaber. Same as the trooper and the bounty hunter, they are supposed to be somewhat mirrors. The thing is though that the Jedi Knight uses a force bar (mana), while the Sith Warrior uses a rage bar. The trooper uses a rage bar, and the bounty hunter uses mana. Even though we know this game is balanced, do you think the resource disparity will cause any class imbalances in PvE or PvP? (netfoolsmedia)


Closing statements

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