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TOROCast – Episode 204 – All Systems Operational (Uncensored)

On this Episode, Mae and Road are joined by Albie, Snave and Kesmet (from Zorz). While the last week hasn’t been very news friend for The Old Republic, there are a few things Star Wars to discuss, and one very heavy Operative topic. Prepare for tangents. Also bear in mind this episode is uncensored!


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Snave on Twitter @TheGodDamnSnave

Kesmet at the ZORZ Website


You can find Mae at @Maebeebuzz, Road at @ThatRoadGuy, and send all comments or questions to Road@TOROCast.com.

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  1. Great podcast, I think that the down syndrome welfare stud from the UK is an excellent asset to the show. Keep’em coming!

    Even though this well-spoken balla seems to be consuming enormous amounts of chemicals, I’ve got to admit he’s right most of the time. Especially when it comes to cross-server queue (for PvP and PvE). Let us not forget that this is a MMO.. a massively multiplayer online game. If I wanted to play a solo game, I wouldn’t be paying $15 a month. People that enjoy these games want to load in and see, chat, and play with a lot of other players (for the most part).

    I think swtor is a ”good” game in general. I’m extremely disappointed with the way Bioware dealt with PvP though. I really love the classes and PvP warzones themselves. It has a feel to it that I’ve not experienced in other MMOs. It’s unique. The way Bioware deals with it, however, is just frustrating. The ”top tier” players right now are just not cutting it for me. Competition from cross-server would bring that top percentage back (and with it, a crowd – why do you think LoL is so big?). Finished rank 1 on server Season 1.. left ’cause I don’t see the point of investing time in the game where I don’t feel like I’ve actually accomplished something in the game. I do hope that with the new movies coming out, EA/Bioware will invest time and actually THINK about this. And when you think about it, EA could be making an enormous amount of money if they actually make this a casual-friendly AND competitive MMORPG. I think they need to start working with the community, let the theory-crafters and software-engineers/gamers give them a hand to adjust the game.

    With the success of the Cartel Market, Bioware is in a position where they can actually invest in the game… they can only make money by investing in it because of the hype surrounding the upcoming movies. No matter what, people will come and play a Star Wars game with these movies. The question is, do they want a 10k+ increase in population, or a 100k+ increase? Make it right Bioware.
    @Snave: Do you think the hype surrounding the movies will actually attract a number of players/new players to the game? Do you plan on staying around? I’m out for the summer, but I’ll wreck you anytime if you’re still here. I’ll piss on your grave and visit your mother. 🙂

  2. So is Sam going to be a simi-regular torocast podcast castmember or what.

    Also How does Sam rank SWTOR as an MMO from 1 to 100 ??

    1 being perfect and 100 being to worse MMO of all time.

    • 1 to 100 is highly specific…. Is it a 7? or a 74? I will go with a 1 to 10 scale. (1 being the worst, and 10 being the best.)

      I can’t speak for Samm, but in my own opinion (being a City of Heroes fan the way I was) – I’d give CoH an 8 overall as an MMO. (For ME personally, it’s a 10) – It loses the 2 points for it’s lack of end-game content for a LONG time, but it’s re-playability and great lengths it went to in order to encourage team play while leveling as well as character customization and a “Gearless” system based on stat points and allocation to boost each individual skill was wonderful.

      I’d put SWTOR at about a 6 honestly. I love the game, but even now over 2 years later, there are things that it doesn’t have (like how about switchable specs??? come on now…) that other games have or even have at launch. Prior to the Cartel Market and the general shift of “new content” from actual content to cartel market fluff, I’d have given it a 7 or maybe an 8.

      I don’t think ANY game should, or is deserving of getting a 10. That would mean there’s nothing left to balance/improve/add and that would go against the general nature of what an MMO is, as an evolving game/experience.

      In my experience, the closest to a 1 I’ve ever played was “Pirates of the Burning Sea” – I was so excited about that game and followed it during development, and even did some of the very early closed beta testing. It had so much promise but when it finally launched, behind schedule but yet unfinished (badly unfinished) it was a nightmare to the point that I even cancelled my pre-order. Champions Online is likely about a 4 or 5… A perfect example of AMAZING graphics/visuals (it really looked like a comic-book-in-motion) crippled by lackluster gameplay.

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