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Apostrophe’s Adventures in PuG’ing: Ep #9

So… I haven’t written an Adventures in PuG’ing article in about 8 months. In the span of that time, I took a good long break from SWTOR and podcasting and filled the newfound empty space with the writing, recording, producing and publishing of my first album “Fight to Stand Up.” I’m working on material for a second album, but in the meantime, I did manage to find the time to resubscribe to SWTOR and get a bit of freetime to pick up my lightsabers/blasters again and Use The Force.

This past week has “blessed” me with a couple decent pug stories, so I decided I’d resurrect this blog so you can share (or laugh at) my misery.

Flashpoint – Mandalorian Raiders

Character – Apostrophé (25 Sawbones Scoundrel)

She's saucy....

She’s saucy….

I rolled a scoundrel upon resubscribing, as I really enjoyed playing my old Operative “Per’iod” who I’ve mentioned in previous postings, I decided to create a scoundrel in anticipation of using the double-exp event to get her to 55 and legacy-share my Operative’s gear with her.

I have thus far leveled her entirely in PvP, flashpoints and Kuat Drive Yards… I am currently level 29, and I do not even have a ship, as my class mission is way back at level 13 on Coruscant. Anyway…. this story is about the Group Finder Mandalorian Raiders I participated in earlier in the week.

The flashpoint started with all 4 players zoning in, and proceeding to stand around with their thumbs apparently planted firmly up their bottom-ends for a solid five minutes. While I’ve never been accused of being a patient person, I do have an understanding for slow load times, or maybe something pulled someone away from their computer, however, after sitting staring at my character’s butt to the point of feeling a little bit like a creeper, I couldn’t wait any longer. So I ran to the end of the first hallway, pulled the baddies that come out of the elevator, and killed them myself.

It was at that point that the tank in the team chastised me by saying:

“You need to let me attack first, besides you are the healer, you should be healing.”

I told him that I would gladly let him attack first, but that I wasn’t really interested in having a 20-25min flashpoint take 3 hours because he was too busy fixing his makeup to remember that he had a lightsaber and was supposed to be smacking things with it. He then went into the next room, and pulled the next group of baddies…. I put some HoT’s on the team and spent the rest of the fight shooting enemies with my pretty pretty gun, occasionally stopping my DPS-fest to refresh HoT’s and drop a heal here and there on whomever was taking damage.

This was apparently highly irregular and completely unacceptable to the tank.

Because after the fight was over, he says to me in the chat: “Apostrophe, you need to be healing, stop attacking the bad guys.”

To which I responded: “Did you die? Did anyone in our team die? Did the bad guy’s red bars turn black before ours did? I’ll heal when you need heals, and otherwise, I am gonna use this blaster that the devs gave me, to shoot at things.” 

I had a feeling that was going to go down like a nun’s knickers with him, because the “New Jersey Snarkyboy” was certainly rearing its ugly little head and coming to the forefront… But he did not respond, and off we went to pull the next group. And upon doing so, I did exactly the same thing as the first group…. HoT my team, drop a few heals here and there, and spend the rest of my time shooting those dirty Mandalorians until they were dead.

It was at that moment, that I received a group notification that the tank had initiated a vote-kick on me with the reason: “Attacks instead of heals.” – I had a pretty decent chuckle about it and waited to see what the other two members of the team would do….. Apparently, they weren’t too upset by the fact the the mobs were dying quickly, and our team wasn’t dying for lack of heals, because the vote-kick failed.

I ended up spending the rest of the flashpoint, explaining to the tank how to tank the bosses, because he revealed at the FIRST boss, that it was his first time in the flashpoint. And when I say he revealed it, I don’t mean he came right out and said it to the team before pulling the fight. What I mean, is that he tanked the boss right in the middle of the room, and tried to hold aggro on both of the puppies AND the boss, which put the boss’s giant red circle of “OMG NOW THE PUPPIES ARE THE HELLHOUNDS OF DEATH” directly on the adds, and I had to heal my pretty little butt off in that fight. (I still DPS’d, don’t you get me wrong for one second.)

After that fight, I asked the tank if he’d ever done the flashpoint before, and his obvious answer was “NO”… I’ll give him this however: From that point on, he didn’t give me a hard time about attacking vs. healing, and he took my instructions on how to tank the bosses, and what do you know? We finished the flashpoint in about 30 minutes total, and no one died…

And I got to use my blaster as the good lord intended…. To kill imaginary aliens in a galaxy far far away.

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