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Apostrophe’s Adventures in BuG’ing: Ep# 10

Yes, you read that correctly… It’s not a typo, it does in fact say “BuG’ing” instead of that dirty “P” word I typically use to describe this blog. However, there is a reason for that, and it’s because the two stories I am about to tell, didn’t involve PuGs as they were guild runs, which yet still yielded a healthy dose of the strange and a pinch of “WTF?!?!

Operation – Scum and Villainy (Story Mode – Group Finder Coms Run)

Character – Period (55 Shield Specialist Vanguard)

A few of my guildies and myself decided to put together a fast run-through of Scum & Villainy since it was the group finder operation at the time, and we had a few guildies that had just hit 55 and were looking to snag some low level gear and score some commendations. So we built our team (had 6 guildies and picked up 2 pugs in the group finder)… It was a pretty standard run, nothing of note to really jump up and down about, UNTIL…..

We get to Thrasher, and decide that I will tank the boss. So I pulled out my pew-pew-pew-shooter and to convince the evil she-devil-monster to focus her hatred and vigor in my direction, and backed myself up to (what I thought was the pillar at the exit-side of arena) apparently the GATE that leads out of the arena.

Things went splendidly for a little bit, until the first time that Thrasher got angry enough at me to start SCREAMING! When she did, it startled me so badly (Period, for a girl who’s the leader of Havoc Squad, apparently has a paper-thin constitution when it comes to being yelled at) that when Thrasher, the beastly spawn of satan that she is, knocked me back…

I went THROUGH the gate that leads out of the arena, where I remained trapped, helpless and terrified…

I was then forced to watch the remaining 7 members of my team get horn-smashed, set on fire, and have fire from the sky rained down upon them by snipers. (That may be a slight exaggeration, because what actually happened, was that the other tank just took over and the rest of the fight went by uneventfully… But I’ll church things up a bit for the sake of YOU, oh my illustrious readers.)

Other than feeling a little bit like a noob, no one (except for Thrasher, but she asked for it…) was hurt during this escapade…. And I did have the chance to redeem myself by abstaining from any further #failtank activities in the remainder of the run.

What do you mean "Cannot See Target" - It's right there!!! I can see it! You mean to tell me I can't shoot this blaster through the MASSIVE openings in this gate?

What do you mean “Cannot See Target” – It’s right there!!! I can see it! You mean to tell me I can’t shoot this blaster through the MASSIVE openings in this gate?

World Boss – Dreadtooth (Only 1 Stack)

Character – Period (55 Shield Specialist Vanguard)

Earlier the same day, my guild was farming Essences/Masks from Dreadtooth so that we could put him at 10 Stacks and down him for the Amulet to pull the 16-man Nightmare Dreadful Entity in Terror From Beyond… So every half-hour or so, several of us would go to Section X, and kill Dreadtooth, so I had tanked him quite a few times that day.

One of those times however……. Things went a little strange.

“Hey Apostrophe, what was so strange about it?” you may find yourself asking….

And hey, I’m so glad you asked because otherwise it would be a very hasty end to this activity without ever actually getting to the point. (That’s what she said.)

Well, anyone who’s ever tanked Dreadtooth, knows that every 30 seconds or so, he channels a stun called “Sonic Paralysis” at whomever is at the top of the threat table (which obviously should be the tank.) During the channeled stun, his target is, well… stunned (duh) and immediately after the channel is over, will switch targets momentarily to whoever was #2 on the threat table. At low stacks, you can easily single-tank him because he only switches targets for a brief moment until the tank can pull aggro back or taunt.


This time, every time Dreadtooth’s Sonic Paralysis would finish channeling, I would be instantly teleported to a random location somewhere within about an 80 to 100 meter radius from where I was tanking the boss originally. The first time it happened, my teammates saw me disappear before I even saw it myself and started wondering “Where the hell did you go???” – A second later… BAM, I am running back to where the boss is, listening to the scoundrel DPS in my guild gripe about how I’m killing his dps numbers :p… (ok, that part was a bonus in my book.)

I figured it was just a fluke, but I was wrong. As soon as Dreadtooth channeled the stun again and it finished? BAM teleported across the map. The third time? Not only was I teleported, but Dreadtooth CAME WITH ME. That happened twice during the course of the fight. By the 3rd or 4th time it happened, my guildmates and I were laughing so hard, and with such high levels of confusion as to what the hell was happening.

In the end, the scoundrel DPS ended up spending as much time tanking the boss as I did, because I spent easily half of the fight simply running back to where the boss was after I would vortex-blackhole-face-sucked across Section X at the whim of the Devs.

We definitely made up for it…. by killing Dreadtooth in the most epic death-pose ever:

Try to teleport me now....

Try to teleport me now….

Hopefully, my guild still lets me tank in the future. EEEK!!!!

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