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TOROCast – Episode 206 – Too Dry For Me

After taking a week off, Mae and Road are back, and are even graced by the presence of Tom! This week, we discuss the news for Galactic Strongholds released so far, SWTOR’s 2013 earnings, and a discussion on Manaan, among other things. Climb down the rabbit hole with us, see where it leads!


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You can find Mae at @Maebeebuzz, Road at @ThatRoadGuy, Tom at @Redundant09 and send all comments or questions to Road@TOROCast.com.

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  1. Every time you guys say “Manaan” this is what goes through my head: http://youtu.be/8N_tupPBtWQ

  2. Shadowrun for life! Easily the best p+p RPG I ever played, kneel before the 18 body monstrosity I create just so I could cram more bioware in to him. He was human too 🙂

  3. Just started listening to your podcast. You sound like my kind of guy Road, lets be anti-social together and not do flashpoints together while we level new characters and do pvp by ourselves ;).

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