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TOROCast – Episode 211 – TOROHax or Hoax?

On this week’s show, Mae and Road take some time to talk about some marvelous malarkey, Road’s sit in with Voice Actress (among a million other things) Georgia Van Cuylenburg, and quite literally whatever happens to cross their minds. Road spends much of the episode confused.

In the News:



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  1. 14m09s – Road…. I’m coming for you. You can now assume there is a marker above your head……

    19m55s – I don’t regret “reporting” the issue. There IS one thing I do regret, and that is: I should have gone to the forums first, and only to the forums. I am wordy, and I write, and I do like to write my PuG blog/etc. So I wrote my article (ok, let’s call it a rant) and then I copied that to the forums. I realize, that the fact that a dev responded, to what I posted both on TOROCast.com and the forums, that the perception was that the reason the devs responded was BECAUSE of my affiliation with a fansite. The truth is (and Road explained it fairly well) that even though TOROCast is a recognized fansite, we actually don’t have a notable difference in access-level to the Bioware staff. Furthermore, and as Mae points out later in the episode, I am barely a member of TOROCast, as I record maybe once every month and a half or so, and occasionally write a PuG blog.

    At the end of the day – the rift between myself/TOROCast/my-guild/the-other-guild-in-question, I do believe has been hatchet-buried and while there are still likely some hurt-feelings over what happened, I think when all is now said and done, it’s water under the bridge.

    (One amazing thing did come out of it however, and sadly, the official forum moderators DELETED it – there was a forum user who went off onto a pretty good (and very long) rant about me personally as a human being in the now-37 page thread on the SWTOR forums, who referred to me as “The most hated person in the SWTOR Community” – and quite frankly, I was super honored! – So sad the moderators deleted it :( especially since it gave me a chance to claim that I send emails with complaints and suggestions to a friend who works near the Bioware Austin office, and he prints them and turns them into paper airplanes for me, and flies them towards the BW building… i.e. this: http://youtu.be/1QAI4B_2Mfc )

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