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TOROCast – Episode 220 – Let’s Get Started

Snaves off Snaving the World, Miner has disappeared into the deep workings of the interwebs, so that leaves Mae and Road talk TOR! Listen in as they cover more 3.0 changes, Revan rumors, and more! Listen for the kitten.

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You can find Mae at @Maebeebuzz, SWTOR Miner at @swtor_miner, Road at @ThatRoadGuy, and send all comments or questions to Road@TOROCast.com.

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Host of TOROcast and The Ban Hammer. Lead podcaster for Twonk Hammer Entertainment.


  1. Bisou the Sith Cat makes an appearance?

  2. Hi Maylstrom and Road. Thanks for another solid podcast please keep them coming. I wish Jiraya’s family well in dealing with this difficult time. I played with him in comms a couple of times but wouldn’t say I knew him personally. However I was quite familiar with the common Bastion trope “Jiraya’s gonna smash”. Play on Jiraya in the next life and beyond.

    On another note I’m excited about the upcoming expansion and look forward to the new operations, it will be awesome to run new stuff because I’ve been playing DF/DP for endless.

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