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TOROCast – Episode 227 – Ravaged Progress

For our first episode of 2015, Snave again joins Mae, Miner and Road to discuss exploits, what should be done, general performance issues, and what celebrities might be playing SWTOR with you!


In the News:


You can find Mae at @Maebeebuzz, SWTOR Miner at @swtor_miner, Snave at @Snave1208 (and watch him HERE), Road at @ThatRoadGuy, and send all comments or questions to Road@TOROCast.com.

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  1. 2 months and I am finally all caught up, keep up the great work!!!

  2. hey guys I think this is were you mention my Latin guild, we are mostly free to play people but that is only cuz Bioware doesn’t promote the game in south America plus we in different country have problems whit our banks and Paypal even on how to pay for the game, theirs people in Latin guilds that sell us the sub and we pay them in game credits cuz we can’t pay other ways so bring this to discussion please. ps I do like the 3 color flag idea.

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