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TOROCast – Episode 228 – What Has Been Seen

In this Episode, technical difficulties strike, but fear not! Quasi-Guest-Host-Showfriend Snave, Miner, Mae and Road are joined by Gaytastic to discuss more SWTOR issues, Hillary’s departure from Bioware, and whatever Gaytastic has in mind. Curious? Listen in to find out.


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Special thanks to Snave for providing an alternative recording process, and for hosting this episode’s Live Stream.


You can find Mae at @Maebeebuzz, SWTOR Miner at @swtor_miner, Snave at @Snave1208 (and watch him HERE), Gaytastic at @GaytasticFamous, Road at @ThatRoadGuy, and send all comments or questions to Road@TOROCast.com.

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  1. ~51:00, Road saying Slot Machines that take Cartel Coins to roll for Mounts would be actual gambling.
    Snave is right about this being something that regulators need to determine, but here’s a couple of points:

    1. LotrO does it. They just named it “Hobbit Presents”:
    Real money -> Turbine Points -> Mithril Coins -> into the slot machi.. sorry, Hobbit Presents Machine. There’s even a chance to win 200 Mithril Coins.
    The Community Team for LotrO has stated this is NOT considered gambling, and has been approved as not being gambling.

    2. A major part of gambling is the chance of getting your original bet + some bonus back. As long as the Cartel Coin Slot Machine doesn’t have a chance of returning your Real Money (there’s no way to convert in-game currency, in-game items or Cartel Coins back to real money without breaking ToS), chances are it’s not gambling.

  2. I find it ironic that someone whose physical safety depends on ahistorical tolerance having a pet peeve of trying to foist his intolerance of people playing a game the way they want to on everyone else.

  3. If there was a flaming gay parade every week it would lose effectiveness in drawing attention.

  4. I realized about halfway thought the datamining argument, that I’ve heard this before… On Tumblr… on reddit… or on a lot of other other message-board/blogging services…

    Gaytastic, basically, wants to live spoiler free. I can respect that. Only an asshole would spoil something like that for someone who doesn’t want it… BUT… I look for all kinds of spoilers before I go to movies, it helps me filter weather or not I want to go… when i get stuck on crosswords, I’ll look up a word or two because I’d rather finish it with a bit of help than not finish it…

    Telling someone else to “please not spoil this for me” is a reasonable request, but telling me I don’t “deserve” the Rishi Datacron because I looked it up (in part or in full) is Elite-est (in the worst sense of the word), Judgmental (in the worst sense of the word), self-centered, petty, and rude.

    I’m sorry you feel as if you were robbed of the chance to solve a puzzle “correctly”… genuinely…. truly… sorry… that absolutely should not have happened to you… but, not everyone comes to SWTOR to solve those puzzles, and the way things work now is the reality of the world. Gaytastic wants something most SWTOR players don’t seem to want. When you disagree with the world, sometimes you try to change the world… but on this, I think, you need to change your behavior (turn off gen chat, try to ignore what you **THINK** is spawn camping)… it’s the SWTOR equivalent of not going into a thread with a spoiler warning, no matter how interesting it looks.

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