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TOROCast – Episode 234 – An Offer to Consider

In this week’s show, Mae, Miner and Road spend possibly too much time on Reddit, discuss the most recent competitive news, and possibly a bit of time on a certain Bioware Employee! What does it all mean?! We err on the side of chaos.


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  1. Too many roots and pushbacks in Huttball? It’s possible to interrupt a pass? Thats what Huttball is all about! How do you want to play Huttball? It#s all about getting the ball or stopping th eplayer with the ball. By pushbacks, roots and passing the ball.

    Do you try to have the most kills in Huttball or deal the most DPS? Huttball isn’t Arena Deathmatch. Using all the utility to goal is what makes Huttball awesome! Not the killing of the ball carrier.

  2. The new rakghoul event isn’t a event. It’s limited time daily area.

    They should run the OLD rakghoul event and the chevin event once a year. Without changes. There are players that didn’t have the time when it happend the first time, and there are new players. Why not repeat it once in a year? Without any changes. So al the work they put into this event isn’t wasted anymore!

    Not to repeat it it’s just stupid and a waste of existing code and content.

    • They say it’s because of immersion or something, in regards to Chevin and OG Rakghoul. It’s in the past, and it changed the galaxy, so bringing it back is un…ummm..cannon?

      Not my argument, theirs. I want these events back too!

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