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The Planets of the Star Wars Galaxy

Hello TOR faithful! I really hope you do remain that way despite the somewhat disappointing release target we have received.  Now I’m sorry for not updating my articles but I got terribly sick the past couple weeks but I’m all better now.  Sorry for this being late but I hope you had a great 2009 and here’s hopes to a wonderful 2010!  Now we’ve got all of 2010 to speculate about TOR let’s talk about something that is nearly finished.  Lately we’ve been getting a bunch of planet updates and it looks like we’ll finish that before we get to the bigger topics of the game.  Who knows maybe beta will start after the released that final planet?  Anyways I’ll talk about the more likely planets to appear in this game after the jump.

There are a lot of planets in the Star Wars universe but only a small fraction will be used in TOR.  How many exactly? I honestly have no idea.  Some say 12,  while others say 16.  Personally I say it would be closer to 12 because I simply because I don’t think they have a lot of planets left to update.  Regardless I’ll form a list of the likely planets that might be in this game.

1. Bothawui – Bothawui has been said quite a lot throughout pre-release.  Since day one we’ve heard about them in the setting page on the official site.  “After the capital planet of Coruscant was ravaged by the Sith’s Imperial forces, the Supreme Chancellor and the Senate were forced to sign the painful Treaty of Coruscant, which required the Republic to withdraw its support of several long-standing allies, including the ever-loyal Bothans.”  Plus we also heard about the planet in the timeline entry – The Battle of Bothawui.  If the Sith wanted the planet among others in exchange of the Republic capital of Coruscant then I think it’s pretty dang important.  With all these hints of the planet I see Bothawui the most likely planet to be in this game right now.

2. Taris.  Now I would have completely left it off the list if it wasn’t for this.  “Taris is a dangerous place. What are you doing here?”  With the other quotes found by the people in that thread Taris does seem likely.  However apart from this we haven’t seen anything from Taris.  We know it’s the first planet of KOTOR so BioWare might want to put it in just for that.  But to my knowledge it hasn’t been referenced anywhere else by BioWare but then again so are some other planets like Tatooine.  Yes it has been desolated thanks to Darth Malak and his Sith fleet in the events of KOTOR.  However his fleet isn’t a Death Star so there could be survivors as evidenced in the thread above so it can be used.  With this evidence I don’t see how this can’t be an upcoming planet. 

3a. Dantooine.  This is one of the more famous planets used in the Star Wars universe.  It’s been in both KOTOR games and from there we’ve seen it to be a place where Jedi primarily train at. There’s not much history in the near future of the planet after KOTOR 2 so I don’t see any reason why it can’t be used.  We even saw it in threat of Peace where we saw the debut of Braden and the Wookiee bounty hunter.  Judging from the few pages showing Dantooine we can tell some sort of battle is present on Dantooine making it another likely planet to be in this game.

3b. Geonosis.  Now it is likely one of these four planets won’t be in the game so it’s tough ranking these as these four can be interchangeable.  However I see Geonosis likely as much as Dantooine.  It’s been mentioned in yet another timeline entry.  This entry is the one where the Imperial Agents are manipulating a young Mandalorian champion so they can use him to help the Sith Empire.  It seems to be a pretty important planet in the story of TOR for the Imperial Agent so I also find this a likely planet.  We already have our desert planet of Tatooine so it may have decreased the chances of Geonosis but I find it important enough to be in the game.

Honorable Mentions

Ilum – Ice planets such as Hoth are iconic in Star Wars so BioWare may want to put in an ice planet.  We have no evidence of any however so I don’t think they’ll be in the game though it is indeed possible. Ilum is known for having lightsaber crystals and it is one of the primary planets where Jedi go to to collect them.

Rhen Var -Another ice planet.  It has some Jedi history there like Ulic-Qel Droma residing there after having his force powers stripped away from Nomi Sunrider.   It is an itneresting ice world to venture through however there is again no evidence to point to Rhen Var being in the game.

Yavin IV – It’s one of the most iconic planets in the Star Wars universe known for having the Rebel Base that was targeted by the Empire thousands of years after TOR.  It was inhabited by both the Jedi and the Sith during the Old Republic with the former driving out the latter.  I know it’s a moon but if they decide to go the Yavin route then they’ll choose Yavin IV.

Nar Shaadda – Again I know it is the moon but it is dubbed, “The Smuggler’s Moon.”  Plus it’s a moon of an already confirmed planet – Nal Hutta.  It was used in KOTOR 2 so it may be used here but with Nal Hutta already in the game I don’t see Nar Shaadda being in the game initially.

Ziost – There was a lot of talk about Ziost being in the game as the capital of the Sith Empire.  We later discovered that that planet would become Dromund Kaas reducing the chances of Ziost being in the game.  It may come in an expansion since it is still an important Sith planet.  It probably won’t be at launch though.

Kashyyyk – We saw Wookiees being hinted already so perhaps we’ll see their homeworld?  BioWare could elaborate on Wookiee slavery – a common story in the Star Wars lore.  The same thing happened in KOTOR after all.  But with all these other planets I don’t find it likely.  It’s iconic though so you never know.  After the announcement of Tatooine, BioWare can do anything they want to make a planet fit the lore.

Corellia- We don’t have a lot of the Core Worlds which are the planets that have the most political power. “The bitter and divided nobility of the Core Worlds disputes every decision, damaging the morale of the Republic’s already discouraged citizens.”  So far we have Alderaan and Coruscant as our Core Worlds.  We may see Corellia in the future but I don’t think we’ll see it at launch.

And the list could go on and on.  There are quite a bit of planets in the Star Wars universe.  But with presumably a few more planets to be in TOR I think these are the planets that we will explore.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  I don’t’ see many more planets being released so I really want to know what BioWare has chosen.  Overall I think we can all say the selection of planets has been a good one.  They have enough iconic planets while balancing it with a lot of unexplored planets.  I feared that we would only be seeing the planets we’ve seen over and over again making the universe seem small but I am greatly shocked on the selections by BioWare.  Each and every planet looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait exploring these wonderful locations in 2011.   What do you think?  Agree with my selection? Or did I miss a big one?  Let me know at the TOROcast forums.

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