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Timeline: Onslaught of the Sith Empire

A new holorecord in the Jedi Archive tells the story of the Sith Empire’s surprise attack at the start of the Great War over 28 years before the Sacking of Coruscant. Master Gnost-Dural notes the brilliance of the Imperial military’s carefully orchestrated assault which put the Republic at a disadvantage for the duration of the conflict. See it here!

Look at all this space! You know what space concept art means…Big socks.

Basic Catches:

(note that currently, there are no timestamps available for assisting, but the catches are in order. Also note that this is pure speculation)

– We see more hints at galaxy “strategy” maps, showing ships and planet locations.

– Planets mentioned: Belkadan, Sernpidal, Ruuria. They’re all apparently Sith influenced.

– Korriban supposedly under Jedi control for a time, just how many will we see there 28 years later when we enter the scene?

– We see at least two different Sith fighter ships in the art.

– We see an image possessing MOSTLY humans, however…there is also a Togruta, Rodian and another species I can’t recall the name of. We’ve already seen a few possible indicators towards Togruta, but this could be nudging at the other two as possible playable races.

–  Ithorians do not provide military support to the Republic, possibly hinting that they will NOT be playable(?). This wouldn’t surprise me, as they can’t speak Galactic Basic and voice-over would be less immersive for the player.

–  Note if you will some more interesting soldier armor in the scene after the emperor in his seat, the helmet looks like a Predator mixed with a Mayan Temple.

– Gnost-Dural appears to indicate his next report will focus towards speculation of what happened after Revan’s disappearance, saying “…Indications the operation took centuries of planning, and preparation…I’ll elaborate in my next report”

Catch something yourself? Let me know! Post on the forum post and I’ll toss it on the list.

Personal thoughts:

I know everyone’s tired of hearing about space, but I feel the amount of space shown in this Timeline may be for a reason…I’m not going to try and post anyone’s hopes up high or anything of the sort, so I’m going to put the most basic thought on the subject down for discussion: It appears to me they’re trying to indicate space will be there. Now, there as in “SPACE FIGHTS, HOOAH!” or “I see it in the sky…” we don’t know, nor will I speculate. That’s really the biggest thing that jumped at me aside from the basic catches above.


(Thanks to fodigg)

The onslaught of the Sith Empire was an event unlike any other in the history of the Republic. The Sith materialized from nowhere and launched an offensive of colossal proportions. Horrifying reports from the Outer Rim seemed to portend the utter destruction of the Republic.

The rapid onset of galaxy-wide terror and panic was part of the Sith Emperor’s meticulous calculations. His plan was flawless. Sith battle cruisers first appeared on the fringes of the Tingel Arm. Unaware of the ships’ origins, we dispatched a diplomatic convoy with a small starfighter escort. The Emperor wanted us to witness the full might of his forces before he attacked. The diplomats had just enough time to transmit images back. Then they were annihilated.

Immediately thereafter, the Sith began a full assault on the Republic allies in the Aparo sector which fell before the Republic fleet even arrived. Then our allies turned on us.

the Sith had secretly established puppet governments on Belkadan, Sernpidal, and Ruuria. The Republic fleet suddenly found itself in enemy territory, fighting desperately on all sides. The Republic rallied every available ship to support the fleet, leaving only a handful of Jedi security ships to patrol Korriban. Tegrettably, Korriban fell back into the enemies’ hands without the Jedi Council even knowing about it. Overwhelmed and desperate, the Republic fleet scattered, fleeing from the Tingel Arm to avoid complete annihilation.

Elsewhere in the Outer Rim, the Sith staged more targeted strikes, destroying our shipyards in the Sluis sector, blockading the Rimma Trade Route, and seizing control of the rich resources in the Minos Cluster. Confused and in complete disarray, Republic forces were unable to respond. Republic leaders and members of the Jedi Council arranged an emergency meeting in the Senate to prioritize the galaxy’s defense, but the session quickly became mired in politics. Irate senators stormed out in protest over decisions which left their representative sectors exposed to attack. Many of the Republic’s diplomatic allies refused to commit their military support to the greater cause. It was every system for itself. This was perhaps the greatest genius of the Emperor’s plot. He had turned the Republic against itself.

While the Republic played politics, the Emperor used this time to reconfigure his forces for the long push into the Galactic Core. All might have been lost in those early years had individual Jedi Masters and Republic military leaders waited for the Senate’s orders. By taking matters into their own hands, they managed to slow the Empire’s advances.

The attack of the Sith Empire was the most well-orchestrated and carefully coordinated military maneuver in the galaxy’s history. Indications suggest the operation took centuries of planning and preparation. I’ll elaborate in my next report.

—Master Gnost-Dural


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