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PC Gamer Article Information Revealed

It seems to be a growing trend with any news in Star Wars: The Old Republic that it is never a question of when it will get leaked, but how early will it get leaked. Most of you have likely already seen the rough German translation of the PC Game magazine article which contained information on Space as well as the Jedi Knight. Well today scans have come out of the PC Gamer article, read on for details.

First we will talk about space since that is the cover article of the magazine and what BioWare clearly wanted to release information on with the article. Here are some of the key points about space.

  • It is described as a “tunnel shooter”. Personally I am not sure how this is any different than the standard archtype of rail-shooter (think Starfox 64) but BioWare is pretty adamant about making the distinction.
  • Space is a mini-game that is accessed through hotspots on your ships map and space areas are unlocked through PvE content on the ground.
  • Currently space is a single player only affair although BioWare does hope to possibly release PvP and co-op in the future.
  • Just like the classes themselves which have 6 different ships (the force users on each side share ship styles), the player uses their personal ship within the mini-game.
  • The only customization that is announced for the mini-game is weapons.
  • There are repeatable quests for space, also to keep the mini-game fun and original all of the side quests contained within space rotate to vary your experience somewhat.
  • While traveling on the path of each stage you can move your ship on a x and y axis. This is important for dodging objects on each stage (such as asteroids).
  • You cannot adjust the direction or speed that you travel.
  • There is some sort of rotating rewards system, little is known as of now.
  • Missions are about 2-10 minutes in length.

That is all of the information currently known, but PC Gamer did make this fancy little grid to show what is expected now and in the future, the sky, or more literally, space, is the limit:


We also learned more information about the Jedi Knight’s Advanced Classes, and although they really shouldn’t be a surprise it is good to get confirmed info, and names.

The Guardian – This seems to be a mirror of the Sith Warrior’s Juggernaut AC, using a single lightsaber and tanking, here is the small description out PC Gamer. “More tank and inspiring leader, than DPS. He can upgrade his armor to be part Jedi robes, part Clone Trooper armor.”

The Sentinel – This seems to obviously then be a mirror of the Sith Warrior’s Marauder, a straight DPS class using dual lightsabers, here is the small description from PC Gamer. “A very agile Jedi Knight that moves at a much faster pace, focused on pure DPS.”

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