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Techland Interviews Daniel Erickson

Techland interviewed Daniel Erickson earlier on how he and Bioware crafted the narrative of The Old Republic, as well as some insight into how the games combat system was designed. Not really much for new game info from this, but some interesting quotes from the article.

The article is short, so only one quote will be given here, but I think it’s important, when considering how the game developed its combat system:

“Many parts of our combat system were not originally planned. With so much innovation just in designing and scripting the incredibly complex quest structures of BioWare’s single player games in an MMO environment, we had a huge amount of work on our hands. Everything we do gets held up by Creative Director James Ohlen to the “Does this look/feel like Star Wars?” light. When we put in traditional MMO combat–with two people standing in front of each other and playing unconnected animations–it failed the test hard. So James and our combat designers, especially Lead Systems Designer Damion Shubert and Associate Lead Designer Emmanuel Lusinchi, sat down to not only make Lightsaber combat look dynamic and exciting, but to make the gun classes look like they were in the movies. The answer was obvious. When you look at any big gun battle in Star Wars, there it is: cover. Implementing that answer successfully would be the work of years.”

For people interested in reading the rest of the article, it can be found right here.



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