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StarWars.com Posts Summary of Panel From Celebration V

The article summarizes the events that went on during the panel, and while it provides, again, nothing new, it is still an interesting read.

The article is fairly short and does not have a full listing of every word said, but it does have some nice stuff to see restated. I’ll not quote more stuff about story and how important it is, but this one is more about the art design of the game:

“Something important to remember,” Clint says, “is how games need to be ‘over the top’ when compared to films. The Emperor’s throne room is an amazing set in Return of the Jedi, but it would seem lackluster if one copied and pasted that area directly into an MMO. It has to be blown out and exaggerated to account for the differences between the experiences of watching a film and playing a game. The artists keep these differences in mind while creating new concepts. This way, the events in the game feel like familiar Star Wars experiences without trying to be exactly like the films.”

Now, I really can’t see much having to do with gameplay here, but it is a bit nice to see how they are taking the art direction. And they are right in that film and games need to be different, I think. The Emperor’s throne room in the Death Star would seem a bit too austere, for a game.

For those interested in reading the full article, it can be found right here.

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