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GamesCom Round-Up – All The Stuff That Others Did!

Well, people, GamesCom is over, and now it’s time to get all the other stuff that people posted together in one big article, for your viewing pleasure. Of course, the big things will be summarized before the long list of videos and articles, so those interested in just viewing a short piece of writing, rather than watching all the videos and stuff, can get it right here. And now, from Soulibon and myself, Chemos, a big list of stuff!

The Facts

Ok, so, some of these confirmations will prove some theories correct and cause joyous clapping, while some may cause you to realize you’re entirely incorrect in your speculation/hope…and you may cry. However, the game is not finished yet, so everything listed is all subject to change.

The Proven

  • Twi’lek can play as more than Smugglers, just as Zabrak have been confirmed be more than Sith Inquisitors– Ok, so this is a relatively little thing to confirm, but it’s nice to know and to have it so. While the other class(es) the Twi’lek are alloted was notimg1 entirely confirmed, it we can take comfort in knowing that Zabrak can at least play a trooper as well as the Sith Inquisitor, as is shown in a few videos. This also indicates obvious cross-faction races.
  • There are no guild ships at release– We’re denied a nice big place to hang out with our guilds, or at least not one dedicated to that fact, upon the release of the game. However, this is something being looked into by the developers as they’re extremely interested in bringing this feature to life.
  • Some companions can be lost permanently– This is actually an important thing. Depending on how important companions are at the end game, it may be necessary for those who care more about stats and the such to make certain decisions with companions that may go against what they want, story-wise. As a further point on companions, there are some who will never leave you. However, when a companion is about to leave, you there will be a fairly elaborate scene and plot point that will make it obvious that your decision will hold a large amount of weight. So no ninja-leaving.
  • Flashpoints and Instances are repeatable– This one seems a bit tricky, for those who care about their story. The way that it works, currently, is that the most recent run-through of an instance or flashpoint will provide the events that carry on in your story, and each choice you made can be changed simply by repeating the flashpoint/instance. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to provide solid fact on how this will effect things in the end, but we can tell you now: it’s complicated.
  • There is not going to be an appearance tab– This is going to upset some people, apparently, but the point from Bioware is that there are quite a few pieces of gear to customize your character with. An entire wall, in fact, the size of or bigger than a football field displaying each set of gear, let alone the combinations. How well this will work out at end game is something we’re yet to be told.
  • Space Combat is in the game, and is optional–to an extent – This one is obvious for those following over the past week or so, but it still happened at GamesCom. Yes, you can go into space and shoot stuff. However, this will be a single-player event that’s importance is that of a mini-game. According to interviews, there will be an occasion when you’re pressed into space combat whether you really wish to or not…but for the most part, it’s entirely up to you whether or not your participate.

Things to Build Upon

  • The level cap still holds likelihood of being 50– this one is not officially confirmed, but there are a number of factors pointing to this. One, back at E3, Brandon pointed out that there were level 50 elite guards. Two, new skills end at level 46. With both those facts in mind, and with the consideration that new skills tend to stop close to max level, it’s easy to infer that 50 is currently the launch level cap.
  • There will most likely be achievements and titles– James Ohlan himself said that they are both things they have been talking about putting in since they started working, and that they would be both cheap and easy to put in. Sounds like it’s a possible feature, to me.
  • The Imperial Agent is more than likely the second Empire-side healer– This one should actually not take too much looking to figure out. There are two big things to consider, with this. One, The Agent and the Smuggler are mirrors, in the way that they are designed and in their roles. Two, the Agent has a healing ability, which the other Sith classes(aside from the Inquisitor) do not have. From there, it’s easy to speculate that the Imperial Agent is likely the second healer, and from there it becomes easy to assume that their “Operative” sub-class is going to be the fulfilling that role.








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