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Friday Update: Blood of the Empire – Act II, Chapter II

Friday hath cometh, and with it we’re given a new Blood of the Empire comic! Apparently, as of yet, that’s all the treat we’re to be given this fine day…but stay tuned, as if there is something else to find: You’ll happen upon it here! Read on for the summary of the Webcomic.

Blood of the Empire – Issue #10



We once again follow Teneb Kel into the trenches of trouble as he jumps straight into (and through) the onslaught brought forth by his illusive target, Exal Kressh. After some touching words to his companion, Maggot, he jumps off his ship after breaking the atmosphere of Korriban to a cliff over-looking the battle occurring on ground. Noticing that the main entrance to the academy is blocked by battling Jedi and Sith, Teneb takes an alternate route into the academy assuming Kressh made for the same path.

Our rankles Sith finds the remains of Exal’s destructive wake, and in turn follows them toward her wide-eyed frenzy of destruction occurring under the academy. After an exchange of words as well as saber blows, she notices that he understands just what she is doing…but there’s more to it than just destroying her former master’s “children”. Teneb intends to find out.

Meanwhile, Maggot grows impatient and upset with his master. He had no intention of no longer being a slave, should Teneb Kel fall. After taking an eye of the battle, he gruntingly disembarks from the ship, and prepares to unleash the warrior of his past in order to assist his Sith friend, and hopefully prevent his inevitable death for the time being.



More will be posted should there be any further updates throughout the day, as of this time they haven’t posted the update on Twitter or Facebook, so it’s possible to expect more! Keep tuned!

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