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Fatal Alliance Cliff Notes Part Four

I am sure that many of you, just like me, had great interest in reading the new Star Wars: The Old Republic novel called Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams in the hopes of gaining both SWTOR lore knowledge, but also potential game information. However, we don’t all have time to read an entire novel, so I thought I would do the work for you! Separated in parts just like the book itself, I present to you a cliff notes write-up for each part of the book! Part 4 after the break.

Part 4 – Sebaddon
Chapter 27

The Auriga fire comes out of hyperspace in view of the massive black hole and around the other side can see a planet and it’s moon, which obviously is Sebaddon, the planet Shigar told them how to find. As they near it, a few Republic vessels jump out of hyperspace behind them to join them. As they moved closer to the planet, Satele Shan attempts to make contact with the planet.

She eventually got to talk to them briefly before they launched missiles in defense of themselves. They were able to blow all of the missiles out of space, except for one, which hit the Corellia Capital Ship where Satele was. It turned out that they were not traditional missiles and that each one housed hundreds of the hex droids. The Auriga moved off to try to be in position to get some of the escape pods from the Corellia as they noticed the arrival of some Imperial ships.

Chapter 28

The Imperial ships decide to take the same route around the black hole the Republic had and as they did they saw the carnage of the current fight. To them it looked like the Republic was fighting themselves. Darth Chratus didn’t hesitate and ordered the fleet to being assaulting the Republic ships.

Ax went out in her own fighter and realized what was going on, that it was the hex droids causing the problem. She attempted to warn Chratus but he would not listen to her warnings. He didn’t listen until the Imperial Capital Ships started to be taken over by the hex droids as well, then he finally agreed to pull back his ship. In the meantime Ax steered the fighters to try to take down the Republic ships engines in the hopes that the black hole would consume them.

Chapter 29

The Auriga fire did its best flying around, shooting through hexes and rescuing escape pods. At some point during the rescue Shigar sensed Satele coming from the remnants of the Corellia and headed in that direction. Shigar then donned a space suit and through guidance from Satele made it onto the ship and rescued her.

Once they were all on the Auriga they noticed a strange ship launch from the moon of Sebaddon and Satele asked to contact it. The ship turned out to be none other than Dao Stryver and he wanted to meet with her right away. They also then noticed a shuttle coming from the Imperial ship on its way to the moon as well.

Chapter 30

The shuttles from both the Empire and Republic land on the moon and they head to meet with Dao. The entire Republic entourage, save Jet, head in, but only Ax and a few guards went for the Empire.

Dao explains to them quickly what is going on. Lima Zandrat is dead, what they are seeing on the planet is a droid factory. Lima brought the technology to Mandalore and they tested it in the Mandalorian arenas, the hex droids were able to defeat all who came before them except for the champion himself. What startled Mandalore was the rate at which they multiplied. Within two days, one droid factory had become 4 factories and each factory was producing multiple droids a day. Dao explained that the planet of Sebaddon was becoming a virtual droid factory itself and that if they didn’t stop it the hex droids would expand to the entire galaxy within one human lifetime.

His recommendation was that all of them present must work together to destroy everything on Sebaddon. Of course Ax thought the idea was ridiculous to be working with the Republic, Ula stepped forward and said he would go with Ax to talk to her master on the Republic’s behalf. Obviously no one present knows that Ula is secretly an informant to the Empire, but both sides agree and Ula heads off to negotiate with Chratus.

• • • •
Ula is escorted by Ax to Darth Chratus, once there Ax explains what happened in the meeting with Dao and who Ula is. Chratus smiled knowing the Empire had a spy so far inside of this operation and asked what Ula’s plan was. He suggested they work with Dao and the Jedi until the threat was eliminated on Sebaddon and then turn on them and take Sebaddon for the Emperor. Chratus asked what Ula wanted in return and after some hesitation he asked that Lorin Moxla be spared. Chratus agreed and Ula and Ax started on their way back to the meeting.’

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