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Fatal Alliance Cliff Notes Part Five

I am sure that many of you, just like me, had great interest in reading the new Star Wars: The Old Republic novel called Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams in the hopes of gaining both SWTOR lore knowledge, but also potential game information. However, we don’t all have time to read an entire novel, so I thought I would do the work for you! Separated in parts just like the book itself, I present to you a cliff notes write-up for each part of the book! Part 5 after the break.

Part 5 – Fatal Alliance
Chapter 31

They all met up with the Republic fleet to begin planning their assault. After comparing what supplies still remained on either side they devised a plan. One strike team would stay in Sebaddons orbit and make sure that stayed clear of hex droids for the assault. A second team, led by Satele Shan and containing Darth Chratus, Ax, and Shigar would head to what they believed was the droids central control center (brain) and attempt to take it out. A third team led by Major Cha would head to the primary droid factory and assault it in an attempt to stop production.

All parties realized they needed a neutral party to oversee the assault and they all agree on Ula Vii. They also felt it needed to be led from a neutral place and so they also agreed on the Auriga Fire to act as the central command.

Chapter 32

Shigar finds Lorin and compliments her on her newly acquired gear, new armor, weaponry, and most importantly a new but temporary set of prosthetic fingers. During their discussion Lorin awkwardly kisses Shigar and after a few words he leaves. She is then met by Major Cha who informs her the troops are soon ready for deployment and she heads off to them.

Chratus finally arrives with the rest of his Imperial troops and bargains with Satele. The only way he feels comfortable with the operation moving forward is if he goes with Shigar in one strike-team and Satele takes Ax, just to ensure impartiality. Satele agrees and in private tells Shigar to be wary of Chratus and implies he could attempt to convert Shigar to the darkside.

Chapter 33

From the Auriga Fire Ula coordinated everything. The first group did a good job of blasting holes in the hex’s in orbit so that the other transport squads to get through. Around this time they noticed more hex missiles being fired from the surface so Ula ordered them to act quickly. The transports made it through and Ula ordered the jump.

Chapter 34

Lorin and the rest of the transport troops with her dropped out of their transports while still in orbit. The plan was to free-fall until very close to the ground and then deploy and attack. They did so, and as they shot across the sky, close to the ground, Lorin suffered a hit to her jet-chute and it failed, she began to plummet to the surface.

Chapter 35

Hex’s by the many begin assaulting the transport which Chratus and Shigar are on. Shigar followed Chratus and they cleared the entire ship and then went to launch themselves to the surface since the ship was going down. The entire time Chratus made snide remarks about making Shigar an apprentice.

Chapter 36

Ax and Satele worked together clearing the area around the Central Intelligence (CI). They met up with a troop of soldiers near it, as Satele took in the surroundings she told them to retreat. When Ax asked why, Satele pointed out the Capital Ship that was falling out of orbit would do the work for them and so they ran as the ship crashed into the planet.

Chapter 37

Aboard the Auriga Fire Ula continues issuing orders to the fleets but it was not going well, in-fighting between the Republic and Imperials was breaking out. During the anarchy, Jet finally revealed to Ula that he knew what he was and although things became tense for a few minutes they settled down back into normal. Ula struggled to figure out what to do when suddenly Stryver’s ship came bursting through the hex’s followed by a huge beam fired from the planet.

Chapter 38

Lorin was free falling with the damage to her jet-chute but before she hit the ground someone swooped in and was able to grab her before impact. Once on the ground they began their ground assault. Suddenly Stryver flew over head and let her know she was standing right on a subterranean door and as she yelled for everyone to get away, the door opened from under feet. She was able to grab onto a nearby trench before falling in.

Chapter 39

Shigar and Chratus land upon Sebaddon alone. Immediately Chratus begins talking to and taunting Shigar and after a brief discussion Shigar lashes out and attacks Chratus. The fight doesn’t last long and Shigar ends up subdued by Force Lightning. In his mind Shigar begins to question Satele and his choice to be a Jedi, but suddenly Chratus pulls back as a huge object, a skyhook, flowed out of the lava and into the sky. It is then that Shigar realizes that all along it was Chratus in his head placing those doubts.

Chapter 40

As Satele and Ax ran from the explosion they ended up being caught in a river of red, what they initially assumed was lava. However, as they soon realized, it was not. Although it certainly was thick and it seemed to be the same substance that is within the hex droids. While trying to swim out of it they came across a ship and once inside quickly discerned it to be Lima Zandrat’s ship. As they explored they came across a tank filled with the red liquid and they noticed what seemed to be a human hand in it. Whatever was in the tank stirred to life and soon the two of them were being looking upon by cameras and the person spoke to Ax. “I recognize you, I am you” and the being within looked a lot like Ax.

Chapter 41

Aboard the Auriga Fire Jet and Ula could see how things were beginning to fall apart and without much of a plan B things did not seem promising. Jet turned and made an offer to Ula, he could help but Ula had to promise to act like it never happened. Ula agreed. Clunker then dials into the Auriga and through the use of hacked access codes simultaneously gained control of all of the Imperial and Republic ships. Suddenly everyone seemed to be doing what they were supposed to.

Just then the Auriga received a recorded transmission form Lorin stating that she had placed charges on the skyhook and that they should try to target them to take it down. Ula didn’t like the prospect of possibly hurting Lorin but he had no choice and the Paramount Capital Ship opened fire.

Chapter 42

On the skyhook, Lorin and two dozen of her troopers ran around frantically fighting. They had placed the charges and all she could do was hope her transmission had gotten through, even though she knew that meant certain death for her and her squadmates. She looked up to see all of the incoming fire from the Paramount and knew that it had gotten through.

Chapter 43

Chratus and Shigar watch as more and more large droid objects appear around them and also see a huge mirror shield reflect a large laser into the sky.

Chapter 44

Inside of the sunken ship Ax and Satele, while exploring, come across a large tube with the strange red liquid in it, inside a person moves to the front and begin speaking to them. It becomes immediately apparent that the person in the tube is a clone of Cinzia Zandrat and she looks identical to Ax, since Ax is Cinzia Zandrat.

During the discussion Cinzia explains what has happened. Not only is Lima dead, but every colonist who existed on Sebaddon is dead, all killed by the droids. The reason was that Lima designed all of the droids with one goal in their central memory, to protect Cinzia. When Lima and the others wanted to send an envoy out into space to let people see their technology, the droids saw it as dangerous and killed everyone.

As Satele explained what was going on around them on the surface, with the droids killing innocent people, Cinzia began to feel sympathy and was contemplating calling off the droids. I her subconscious, Lima still lives and was ordering her what to do, as Cinzia had the mental argument with Lima, Ax panicked and broke Cinzia out of the tube. Although her intent was good, outside of the incubation tube Cinzia soon died.

With her dying breath Cinzia pointed to a control panel and the two figured out it was the override control panel for the droids. Satele and Ax discussed the possibility that since Cinzia is technically a clone of Ax, that maybe she can manipulate the droids as if she was Cinzia.

Chapter 45

Back on the skyhook, suddenly the hex’s who made up its core began to dismantle, causing Lorin and the rest of the her troop to start falling with them. Riding the wave of partially connected droids, Lorin was able to land safely in the red liquid at the bottom. She looked to the side and saw Darth Chratus standing with Shigar who was waving frantically at her. She finally reaches him and as they are talking a ship begins to emerge from the red liquid.

It pulls up over the liquid and the hatch opens revealing two figures. The hex’s in the water pull up quickly to form a bridge to the land, and everyone on the ground heads to the bridge including Lorin, Shigar, and Chratus.

On the bridge they realize it is Satele and Ax, who quickly confronts Chratus, telling him she is no longer in his service and that she has finally realized that she has been used all along. After a brief argument tons of hex’s shoot to life behind Ax and enveloped her and Chratus.

Off to the side Satele, Lorin, Shigar met with a Republic shuttle as it landed and learned that Ula was within it and ok and that the situation in space seems to be under control. Ula, inside the shuttle recounted what had happened with him and Jet, the Smuggler, once he had seen the battle was won turned his blaster on Ula and escorted him to an escape pod and launch him out.

Satele approached Ax before boarding the shuttle, telling her that she needed to kill all of the hex’s, Ax acknowledged. As Satele boarded the shuttle she could see hex’s blazing across the sky, falling out of orbit.

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