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Will Star Wars: The Old Republic Feature 3D?

In a completely unrelated story to TOR, Gizmodo did a write up about the future of 3D, and its look at 3D Laptops vs. 3D Desktops.  For those of you interested in checking it out,   it is a rather interesting read, here is the link. http://gizmodo.com/5658107/the-ultimate-3d-laptop-review-showdown .  For those of you who followed the link you will immediately notice (as the image is above) the header image of that article features two very familiar faces from the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe.  The question now lies, will TOR feature 3D?

If you have been living in a box and the news of 3D gaming is new to you then I apologize, and allow me to get you started with a link to Nvidia’s 3D information,http://www.nvidia.com/object/3d-vision-home-users.html.  Nvidia’s technology allows any game to be rendered in 3D without patching, thus obviously meaning that SWTOR will be allow for 3D, so my question is answered to an extent.  The fact of the matter is though, that some games, just work with the 3D better than others.  So, to rephrase my question to properly ask it, will Star Wars: The Old Republic come out of the box optimized for 3D as so many recent games have been doing?

The image above and in the article (link above) on Gizmodo.com hint that TOR will be optimized, but without proper confirmation we won’t know until someone from BioWare slips up or comes out and says yes we are prepping for 3D for our game.  With the recent announcement of the movies being redone in 3D, I can quickly see why someone like George Lucas could be pushing for a feature like 3D to be in the rest of his company’s franchises.  I could see that being another indirect hint that TOR will be optimized for 3D.

I also think TOR will have it because Guild Wars 2 has it, and GW2 looks sexy with 3D.  Why does Guild Wars 2 matter?  That answer is simple; GW2 is going to be SWTOR’s number one competitor next year.  I do not disagree that the Star Wars fanbase is huge, however Guild Wars was a solid game and people, regardless of its time to develop, have been looking forward to Guild Wars 2 since it was announced back in 2005.

For those of you that are new to the thought of 3D gaming, you can think of 3D gaming as one would think of motion technology.  It’s a gimmick, you’re not going to find a PC gamer getting out of his/her chair dancing around in front of his webcam, however I could see a PC gamer picking up a pair of glasses to rock out to some 3D bullets flying passed your head.

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