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Friday Update: Timeline – The Exar Kun War

I want to give Bryan Arndt and the rest of the video production team a great big hug. When I realized a few months back that the Timeline slider already said what the videos that were coming were of, I ended up getting extremely excited when seeing the Fall of Exar Kun was coming. After reading the ‘Tales of the Jedi’ series his story quickly became my favorite and I am glad to see SWTOR is going to play a role in said story.


Down to the nitty-gritty, it seems to me that the story was a bit different from the way I originally read it; however I accept this one as well. What I found most interesting about this video was the fact that *Spoiler Alert* Exar Kun’s spirt has been trapped by the Jedi on Yavin 4. *End Spoiler*

This allows for a number of openings; first, the planet (jungle moon) Yavin 4 as a playable area; second, Massassi warriors as an inhabitant to the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe; finally, a monster quest line following Exar Kun and his spirit. The question now opens who follows this quest line because that is the side I want to play on.

At the end of the video we hear Master Gnost-Dural close his Holocron entry with a statement, “We can learn much from Exar Kun’s story. Of greatest interest is simply the fact that he was not aligned with the Sith Emperor in exile on Dromund Kaas; the fact that the spirts of the ancient Sith Lords supported Exar Kun suggest that they did not and perhaps do not support the Sith emperor we face today.”

This statement leads me to believe we could be looking at the Sith Emperor as the ultimate enemy of SWTOR. Meaning while yes we do have two factions Empire and Republic, the Sith Emperor and his “new empire” could in fact be, (wait for it because here comes the comparison everyone hates) TOR’s version of the Lich King and his army.*

All in all, this is hands down my favorite Timeline update of them all, and to share in my enjoyment here is a link to Exar Kun’s Wookiepedia page http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Exar_Kun.

Just so we can be clear, a few things I did not like about this timeline update. Exar Kun is depicted wielding a dual lightsaber, and it said that he first met his apprentice Ullic Qel-Droma in a battle. Tales of the Jedi (if I remember correctly) has Exar Kun and Ullic Qel-Droma arriving on Korriban at similar times where Freedon Naad’s spirit first names Exar Kun Dark Lord of the Sith and Ullic Qel-Droma as his apprentice.

UPDATE: LandoCal has brought it to my attention that Exar Kun was the first creator of the Double Bladed light saber, I recognize my fault and thanks for pointing that out to me.

*I only use this comparison because it is one that most gamers and ex/current WoW players will easily understand.

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