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Friday Update: Fan Friday and Biographies

Continuing right along with BioWare’s failure at providing any type of core game information this week’s Friday update we are presented with more story arc and a Fan Friday.  This week’s Star Wars: The Old Republic update includes three new biographies of each faction, Empire, Neutral, and Republic.


We are introduced to the Keeper of the Empire, he is the intelligence lead, and is the man who approves infiltration, spying, or executing enemies of the state.  The Keeper is a code name due to the possibility of him being replaced.  What I find interesting is Keeper is a general name; could we be looking at something Imperial Agent will be working towards?  Perhaps the Keeper status title for high ranking players?  You can get the full read up of the Keeper here.

Aurebesh Translation:
Watcher, Minder, Fixer, Cipher
SIS Note: Higher Ambitions
Strained Sith Relations

The Neutral party introduces us to Bouris Ulgo.  A once great general and nobleman of Alderaan now gone mad.  Boris has instituted Marshal Law on Alderaan after the council of nobles reinstated House Thul after it was exiled for being “in the Empire’s pocket.”  You can read all about Boris here.

Aurebesh Translation:
Search for the Crown
For Trask
Panteer Blood

Finally, the Republic introduces us to a forgotten diplomat by the name of Diab Duin.  Duin is a Sullustan (my personal favorite race) from the home world of Aeten II.  His description describes him as a skittish man who is always certain the galaxy is one step away from devastation.  You can read all about Duin here.

Aurebesh Translation:
Escaping the Fortitude
Hunted by Lord Kyrus
Rift Alliance

Fan Friday

Now on to the Fan Friday, I cannot in my right mind say that I am happy to see the Fan Friday especially after the way we have been discussing SWTOR as of late on the TOROcast forums.  However, there is some awesome art, and BioWare has finally recognized Star Wars: The Old Republic Paint Adventures.

The gallery and links to each recognized member of the community can be found below.

The real reason everyone goes to look at the Fan Friday is to check out the Developer Corner, where we are all given a chance to take a look at some in progress art from SWTOR.  This week we are taken back to the city of Kaas City, and we are shown some incredible updates of how things are looking.  Again all of the images presented on SWTOR.com will be shown at the bottom.

And finally some cool new SWTOR wallpapers and forum avatars for us to enjoy.  The forum avatars look to be featuring some very sexy looking Bounty Hunter armor.

*Aurebesh translations courtesy of Vanlan on SWTOR.com

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