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Friday Update: The Secrets of the Imperial Agent

As anyone who follows Star Wars: The Old Republic will know, Friday Updates have been a bit lackluster for quite some time, well it seems BioWare was eager to change that today. If you intend to play an Imperial Agent then today was a joyous one for you. We got information on their advanced classes, the Chiss race, their starship and even information on one of their companions. More after the break.

The first bit of information was the Advanced Class Specialization pages were each updated with a description for each class

  • The Operative- This Advanced Class seems to be the AC that will specialize in stealth support or healing. This is interesting since if you recall when BioWare laid out the descriptions of each AC early on the excluded healing from the Operative even though many speculated they were in fact the other Empire healer.
  • The Sniper – If the name did not spell out its role I am not sure I could describe it any better. Long range, high damage.

Next on the list is information on one of the Imperial Agent’s companions, Kaliyo Djanni. It seems to be a common trend that “not a lot is known about their history” when it comes to this games companions. However, one thing is clear, she seems to be of the same stuff that Imperial Agent’s themselves are. She has spent time as an enforcer and an assassin, sounds like a DPS companion to me!

What will certainly be one of the most, if not the most played Imperial Agent race, the Chiss, got an update this week on the inhabitants page. If you ever wanted to know more than just “they look badass” then I would head on over to that page, you might learn a few things.

This week we got to take a tour in the X-70B Phantom-class Prototype, the starship for the Imperial Agent. This ship just looks like a yacht in the sky on the inside. Every room they explored just screamed luxury. You will also notice in the video that there is a room that looks like a lab and someone I don’t recognize in it. I would expect to see a future update with them as a companion as well.

To round out the entire update we got a little over a minute of “gameplay” footage of the Imperial Agent. I think this video does a great job of showing you the narrative style you will see for the Agent as opposed to its Smuggler counterpart. In the video we also got to see stealth, portable cover, and the Agent use a droid in battle.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks update, BioWare gave us quite a bit to chew on!

Imperial Agent Class Video

Imperial Agent Ship


Aurebesh Translation


Covert Ops Implement

Ship Hull Analysis

Architectural Features

  • High-Tech Sensory System
  • Agile Weapon Systems
  • Experimental Drive Array

Welcome To The Holonet

Kaliyo Djannis

Cannibal – Demon Of The Summit

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