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TOR Update: G4TV Interview with Daniel Erickson

G4TV’s interview with Daniel Erickson on Crew Skills.

Greetings folks.  Heres a quick update for you all.  G4TV has kindly released an interview with Daniel Erickson about Crew Skills and a few other things.

To view the video please head here.

There isn’t really that much new information here.  Daniel tells us the usual things about crafting that we know.  However, there were a few things I picked up.

One particular interesting point was that you can actually order companions back on your ship to go find specific components for crafting.  You really, really want that sex droid… errr i mean battle droid really fast, but you just can’t find that one last plasma coil?  Look no further, just click on the material you need and order your faithful companions to go out in search for it.  Happy Days!

On the crafting side of things thats all I really found that was new.  However, Daniel did say that due to the story of the Sith Inquisitor you will not be able to play a Sith Pure Blood with that class.  The reasons for this is because you start off as a slave and become an Inquisitor.  A really shame to prevent someone picking a class because of story but remember

Story > All

Just a small update folks.  I’m sure you all have found new things in the video that I missed, so please feel free to post them on our forums.

Again i’d just like to thank G4TV for the interview and to view it please visit here.

Thanks for reading all.

Ta ta

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