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Full Stat Analyzation

About a month ago we were lucky enough to get our hands on an updated version of Star Wars: The Old Republic and as a part of that you will see a bunch of content coming from us on everything that was seen there by Brandon who represented TOROcast at the event. One of the things Brandon was able to extract from the game was a lot of information on stat progression. Through some tooltip information and a little math I was able to get a lot of information to make the min/maxxers smile. Join me on this special edition of Muscommunication!

Nothing is more important to any MMO players efficiency than their stats and understanding how they affect your character. Min/maxxers especially care about stats since it is through stat optimization that we can set ourselves apart. Below you will find a complete breakdown of everything we learned from our playtime.

For repetitions sake the stats in SWTOR are as follows:

  • (S) Strength
  • (A) Agility
  • (E) Endurance
  • (C) Cunning
  • (W) Willpower
  • (P) Presence

Base Stats/Leveling

Level 1
S – 48
A – 10
E – 48
C – 10
W – 54
P – 48

Level 2
S – 52
A – 11
E – 52
C – 11
W – 58
P – 52

Level 3
S – 55
A – 12
E – 55
C – 12
W – 62
P – 55

Level 4
S – 59
A – 13
E – 59
C – 13
W – 66
P – 59

Here is what we can see. Starting stats appear as follows:
Main stat: 54
Primary stats: 48
Secondary: 10

Each level, main and primary go up by 4, secondary goes up by 1. It is possible that their is a rotation we can see this by looking at the increase in primary stats. So they go up by 4, then they go up by 4, then they go up by 3, and rotate like that. Unfortunately everything after 4 level had too many factors, such as stat bonuses from gear and buffs, that I couldn’t project it out further with the notes I had. With the simplicity of their design though I expect it was a mis-entry in coding and we will see it go +4/+1 respectively.

Also as far as base modifiers, it appears you start with the following:
Bonus damage: 0
Accuracy: 90 (don’t know what this affects)
Crit %: 10%
Dmg reduction: 0
Def chance: 10 (don’t know what this affects)
Glance: 0
Absorb: 0 (I assume both of these are affected by hardiness)

Then you take the stat modifiers and add them to the base. Lets get into stat modifiers then.

Stat Modifiers

You will need to do a little math beyond what I give you here, so I will show you exactly how it works.

Strength: – Affects bonus melee damage and bonus melee crit.
Every 10 points = +1 bonus damage
Every 40.1 points = +1% crit

ex: 77 Strength
77 / 10 = 7.7 bonus damage
77 / 40.1 = 1.92% bonus crit

Agility: – Affects bonus ranged damage and bonus ranged crit.
Formula the same as Strength

Endurance: – Affects bonus health and health regeneration.
Every 1 point = 10 health
Every 5 points = 1% regen

ex: 83 Endurance
83*10 = 830 bonus health
83 / 5 = 16.6% regen

Cunning: – Affects bonus tech damage and bonus tech crit.
Formula the same as Strength

Willpower: – Affects bonus force damage and bonus force crit.
Formula the same as Strength

Presence: – Affects bonus healing, extra companion health and extra companion damage.
Every 5 points = +1 bonus healing
Every 1 point = +2 bonus companion health
Every 20 points = +1% companion damage

ex: 75 Presence
75 / 5 = +15 bonus healing
75 * 2 = +150 companion health
75 / 20 = +3.75% companion damage

Armor: – Affects Kinetic and Energy damage reduction.
Every 20.8 points = 1% reduction

ex: 79 Armor
79 / 20.8 = 3.8% reduction

In closing it does seem that they also tend to round all numbers to the nearest 10th (following normal rounding rules <5>). As you can see we are able to gain a lot of information about the relevance and effect that stats will have in specializing your character. Typically it will only be min/maxxers like myself who will delve this deeply into the math behind the game mechanics. I am hoping this article will shed some light on what we can currently discern about SWTOR. Let us know what you think about what we know! Head on over to the discussion thread or comment below. As always you can email me with any comments or concerns!



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