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Join Now! The Empire Needs YOU!!!!

Today Bioware launches one of the many improvements to The Old Republic site.  The Pre-launch Guild Program.  Your faction needs YOU!!

Pre-Launch Guild Program

Bioware has given us a very easy to use program to create and search for your ideal guild.  Its simple process, all you have to do is head over HERE in the guilds section and start creating or searching for your guild.

You can search by faction or type of play (PVP, PVE and RP).  Or alternatively you can search for a certain guild by using their name or the name of a member of that guild.  It really couldn’t be easier.

The Guild Program is set up into three different phases:

Phase 1 – Formation.

During this phase you are able to create and search for your perfect guild.  Each guild will be given a mini-site which will have private and public parts to it.  This is pretty damn impressive.

Phase 2 – Alignment.

During this phase, guild leaders will be able select guild that they wish to play with.  Be it with allies or enemies, this phase ensures that you play with who YOU want to play with.

Phase 3 – Deployment

This is the final phase.  Once a guild has passed all the certain criteria they will be assigned to a specific server in the game and guild rosters will be prepared so plays can jump straight in.

To me this sounds like a fantastic idea by Bioware.  It makes making a guild easier, quicker and more stylish.  Every guild gets a mini-site so all members know where to go to chat, and by doing this before launch it will enable people to jump straight into the game.

If your still unsure about a number of things, please head over to Guild’s FAQ.



Does this update hint that the Spring launch of TOR is more of a reality than we once thought.  Perhaps, either way to get a pretty guild site to play with.

Hope you enjoyed the update.  With PAX East starting Friday don’t forget to check out our forums and the Torocast twitter page, to get all the updates as they happen.  Or when Samm and Musco can stop having fun to post them.

Ta ta

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