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Friend or Foe Episode 19: Understanding

Managed to retrieve the archaeologist, the Republic insertion team now tries to escape the clutches from the Hutt. Speeding away in their transport, they have to reach an archaeological dig site, hopefully retrieving more information. The dusk is setting in, ...

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Friend or Foe Episode 18 Escape

The Captain has been brought before the Hutt that wants him dead. Stuck in a cell with no way out… If he didn’t have the Jedi with him. What will ensue? Will they find what they were looking for? And ...

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Casual Thursday Episode 19: Jedi Dogma

[color=#000000]Welcome back to a new round of Casual Thursday. Last week I wrote about my perspective on the Sith society and their philosophy, this week I’ll point my arrows at their counterpart, the Jedi. [/color] [i][color=#000000][/color][/i][i][color=#000000]There is no emotion, there ...

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Friend or Foe Episode 17 Infiltration

The captain and Arako'ant have been saved for the moment by a unexpected guest. The bounty hunter was more inclined to help them, then either of the two would have expected, or want. For the help, the bounty hunter demanded ...

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Friend or Foe Episode 14: Arrival

When we left the Corona, the Captain managed after a great pursuit to escape from the Imperial forces. Now that the mission has turned them towards the planet of Tatooine, our heroes will be confronted by the Captain’s past. What ...

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