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KPants' "State of the Game" Review

So, quite recently I received an email from Bioware asking my opinion of the game and how they’re doing so far…and so I got bored one night, and provided them as much detail as I could to tell them just ...

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Friday Update: Crew Skills and New Crew

This Friday, we’re granted information that’s once again informative, though not entirely a surprise. We’re brought into light on our dear slav—erm, I mean companions and how they take care of our business while we go about delegating more…important matters. ...

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Friday Update: Designing the Lightside

Well, today’s update WASN’T the Smuggler video as we had suspected, so incase you missed that: check out Musco’s coverage of that yesterday. But today, we have “Designing the Lightside”, which finally covers the Jedi Consular and Knight which we’ve ...

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Random Update: It's YOU!

It’s the second day of PAX, and the panel only recently finished revealing hordes of information that will be posted later this evening…but for now, Bioware’s decided to sate as well as fire up the apatite in your head for ...

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