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Why The Sniper Rocks

These past couple of weeks I have been lucky enough to test Star Wars: The Old Republic, and one thing has stood out for me like a decapitated thumb. No, it isn’t the escape pod your ship comes equipped with. ...

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Before The Dark Times: Before Racism

Hollywood. The world of celebrities. Pop culture and the media. Iconic artists who become crazy attention-seeking law-breakers. Those who will do anything to become even more famous. We’ve seen a fair share of this lot on TOROcast. And today I’m ...

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Before The Dark Times: Before Magi

Hey you, noob! I can’t stop LOLing at this game’s kiddy graphics. OMG you pre-ordered it? Fail. It’s not even on consoles? Stupid developers are stupid. OMG THIS GAME IS LIKE WOW IT HAS MAGES! Trolololol. *pew pew* *ARGGH!* Don’t ...

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Before The Dark Times: Before Story

In this series, “Before The Dark Times,” I will look back at some of the greatest moments and events in The Old Republic’s pre-launch history. I’ll look at how they panned out in the big picture and how they might ...

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