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Kar'tayl: Lightsabers – Part 2

“Because the weapon is difficult to master, however, few among the Jedi-or even the Sith-understand it. They don’t know how to attack or defend effectively against it. That gives those of us who use it an advantage over most of ...

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Kar'tayl: Seats of Power

Two mighty Empires stand opposed to each other, both ancient and both powerful. The Republic was established for the ideals of democracy, order and peace for all citizens. While the Sith Empire trusts in the power of the individual, supremacy ...

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Why? Huh? Who? : Ravin' About Revan

One of the most important characters in Starwars lore is actually a character created by Bioware themselves. He is the originator of the Darth title and the inspiration for the Rule of Two. But is he really the new Sith ...

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Why? Huh? Who? : Innovation Limitation

“What we’re doing is taking some of the ‘best of breed’ features from other MMOs, exploration, combat and progression, and we’re not losing any of those. Instead we’re adding a Forth-pillar. The pillar of story and character.”

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