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We already have enough youth, what we really need now is a Fountain of Smart.

Class Representatives are Here!!!

Well, the polls are now closed, and all 16 of the advanced class representatives have been chosen. These are all people who have, over the course of the life thus far of SWTOR, have been providing quality advice to users ...

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Game Update 2.2.3 Patch Notes

In anticipation of Patch 2.2.3 which will be applied during the July 23rd maintenance window, as well as the Relics of the Gree event, upgraded to level 55 becoming active…. HOORAY: Patch Notes! This is actually quite a large patch ...

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TORParse Rescue Mission?

Well, it’s looking like the sad news we received two weeks ago regarding the July 27th imminent death of TORParse might be taking a turn in the right direction. It caused a stir amongst a reasonable amount of the playerbase, ...

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Apostrophe’s Adventures in PuG’ing: Ep. #2

Getting Vote Kicked by PuGs…. These are both “Snippets from the Ghosts of PuG’s Past” – neither are too terribly recent, just figured they were good enough stories to include.  Flashpoint: Hard Mode 55 Flashpoint – Hammer Station Character: Level ...

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Relics of the Gree Strikes Back!

For those who are still trying to gain the reputation to be able to purchase the Scalene (Red/Blue/White) Legacy Armor, or weapons, or the coveted Blue Sphere Mount, but missed out on the last few times this event came around? ...

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Summer of SWTOR Update!

Lots of details and information has been surfacing regarding the imminent Patch 2.3 (which is on the PTS currently) as well as what we can expect coming up in Patch 2.4 that will be hitting in the early Fall 2013. ...

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