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Don't Tase Me Bro!

The first class I rolled in game testing was a female Sith Pureblood Sith Inquisitor.  I had a lot of fun using my lightning to shock and torture those pesky mobs into submission.  I could almost hear them shouting, “Don’t ...

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Focast Retrospective

Since the twenty-second of October in two-thousand and eight—the launch of the Star Wars: The Old Republic website and forums—I have been closely following the development of this game and posting my thoughts about it on the internet. First as ...

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DBSI Companions Make PvP Better

Various members of the Star Wars: The Old Republic fan community have objected to including companion characters in player vs player combat. I never really had a problem with it but could understand the argument to not include them. However, ...

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DBSI You Are Darth Predetermined

Considering that in Star Wars: The Old Republic everyone is a Luke, that little-to-no content is player-driven, and that voice-acting will limit certain aspects of the game, we can expect that some features of our characters are pre-determined. Chief among ...

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The phrase “This is not Star Wars Galaxies 2,” has been a battle cry on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums since they launched. I’d say that just about every scrap of information we’ve had about the game since ...

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DBSI There's An App For That

The recent announcement of the companions-based crafting system for Star Wars: The Old Republic reminded me of casual, mobile-based gaming, and makes me wonder what type of mobile application BioWare might offer for SWTOR. Other MMO games have released mobile ...

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DBSI You Can Re-specialize Alignment

Key to BioWare’s story-first approach in Star Wars: The Old Republic is their mantra that “choices matter.” We’ve been told that our choices will push us to the light or dark sides of the Force, and that our alignment will ...

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