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UPDATE: Patch 2.9c – Aug 29th, 2014

So…. In reference to my earlier post: Conquest #2: Clash in Hyperspacebar? The wonderful “TaitWatson” (oh glorious TaiterTot) had this to say: Hey all, I brought this to the attention of the team, and discovered that this is a bug – ...

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Conquest #2: Clash in Hyperspacebar?

Let’s start this off with a positive note: Last week’s patch, and the addition of Strongholds, Guild Ships and Planet Conquests generated a very enjoyable week of gameplay (at least for me). I watched my guildmates get excited about spending ...

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Galactic Stronghold Announced!

What exactly is the GSF size expansion we should be looking forward to this year?  Why, the Super Secret Housing Project that we were teased a few weeks ago with on the Developer LiveStream of course! On their Galactic Strongholds ...

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A Galactic Gathering!

Hey there, everyone! As some of you have heard, whether on our own podcast or those to be involved, TOROCast, SWTOR Reforged and OotiniCast are teaming up to bring you a SWTOR Community Cast (name pending).  If the Empire and ...

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It’s the Holiday season, which for many means it’s the season of giving. However, there are still many families that go without, and more importantly, kids that don’t get to experience the joys of this wonderful season. It’s in situations ...

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