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Jedi Sentienels

In this, our last class discussion for the Jedi, we look at the mediating group between the Guardians and the Consulars.  This branch of the Jedi Order brought the darkness of the galaxy to light through investigation, non-Force skills, and ...

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Grace Period

There has been much dismay with many people not receiving their retail copy of TOR until after the 20th December.  Now the two Doctors give us a definite answer too the grace period.

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Jedi Consulars

For some Jedi peering into the mists of the future, the past or the present of a planet on the far side of the galaxy is an activity as simple as reading a holobook.  Some Jedi of like-minded persuasion enjoy ...

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The First Ten! The Smuggler

Hello all and welcome back to another The First Ten. This time we talk about the starting area of the Smuggler. My first goal was to find out what the first few steps of this iconic character would be like ...

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