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60-Day Pre-Paid Cards

You can now pre-order the 60-day pre-paid cards!  Many have asked for and about them.  This way you can pay for your SW:TOR addiction without linking your credit card to the account.

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Launch Forums – Wipe and Changes

Allison Berryman just posted on Star Wars The Old Republic Official Forums that there will be changes coming to the forums and they prepare for launch.  Could it mean website features such as an armoury or guild management?  Or even ...

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Dev Tracker Fly-by (11 Nov-1 Dec)

Welcome to this week’s Dev Tracker Fly-by. It’s been three long weeks since the last Fly-by, with not much news but an awful lot of testing! This omnibus edition will therefore cover what has shown up over that period; turns ...

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Friend or Foe Episode 14: Arrival

When we left the Corona, the Captain managed after a great pursuit to escape from the Imperial forces. Now that the mission has turned them towards the planet of Tatooine, our heroes will be confronted by the Captain’s past. What ...

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Last Beta Weekend

We are coming to the final days before live and the final beta weekend invites are going out. Stephen Reid just tweeted that the invites for the last beta test weekend are on their way to invitee’s inboxes everywhere. Many ...

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Beta Client Patch Notes 01/12/2011

While people all over the internet are still in withdrawal from the beta. The lucky general beta testers get the final build, before launch. With the NDA down, we can now share these patch notes with you. Disclaimer, these notes ...

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