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Star Wars: the Old Republic Preorder Numbers

Star Wars: The Old Republic preoder sales as of the week ending 11/26. Total US Preorders – 900,756 Up From Last Week – 74,916 Weeks Till Launch – 4 Preorder numbers are from U.S. retailers and are provided by http://www.vgchartz.com/preorders.php ...

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Thanksgiving Beta Test Weekend

Today is the day!  The largest Beta test in MMO history!  Do you have your account up to date with either a code from the many give aways this past week or were you a member before November 11, 2011?

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Legacy System, Not What We Expected

We’ve speculated, pondered, questioned, conjectured, brainstormed, considered, guessed, mused, contemplated, and built castles in air over what the ‘Legacy System’ will be in The Old Republic.  Well, it is not what anyone suspected!

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Friday Update: Its Hammer time

This Friday Update has Bioware reveal a new flashpoint called The Hammer.  As usual Bioware gives us a tasty video.  Follow a group of Sith who take on the stations defences and come to a… well… I won’t spoil the ...

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SWTOUR James Ohlen QandA

Welcome to the first day of SWTour!  Our first attraction is a Q&A section with our favorite game director, James Ohlen.  Yes, the man we love to talk to because of his ability to leak info that makes Bioware lock ...

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