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Banath at Gamescom!

Banath traveled to Koln (don’t say Cologne, Koln is easier) to witness Europe’s biggest gaming convention for Star Wars the Old Republic. You want to know his impressions? Read on!

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We're over one thousaaaaaaaaand

Ok so the title to this piece of news is a little cheesey and annoying to say the least.  But, I would like to officially announce, yesterday, we hit 1000th subscriber!!!  Yeah, so in a month, Musco and I have gone ...

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Shogun Gamer week 4

Well its week 4, and again we are featured on the front page of Shogun Gamer (http://www.shogungamer.com)!!!! If you haven’t done so already, make sure you visit them and take a look around their community Corey and crew are doing ...

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Ord Mantell

So, this week we got 2 wonderful snippets of news from BioWare, the first being Threat of Peace issues 4, and the second being another planet, to add to our list.  Ord Mantell, seems to be home of the “Separatist”, a guerilla warfare group, ...

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