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Cantina Tour LA Exclusive! Screenshots.

Good morning all you SWTOR fans.  Tom here to bring you some juicy screenshots from the LA Cantina Tour where Bioware promises us some ‘exclusive’ information.  And they did not disappoint. They revealed that a new Bounty Hunter event will ...

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TOR for Tots!

Hey everyone, Road here! Thanks to our friend over at @SuckafishGuild, Maylstrom, we here at TOROCast have been informed about an awesome Charity going on in the SWTOR Community. At the time that I find myself typing up this article, ...

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Guild Spotlights are back!

If you haven’t caught our numerous Tweets about it in the last week, then you’ll be reading it first here! Looking to expand on your Guild, big or small? Have something great going on with your community and you want ...

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TOROcast.com Merging with Twonkhammer.

Hello folks.  Sonn we will be merging TOROcast.com with TwonkHammer.com.  What does that mean to you?  Not much really.  If you go to torocast.com you will be redirected to Twonk Hammer.  You can still grab TOROcast from the usual places ...

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The Grand Acquisitions Race!

Well, we wanted more dynamic world events, so here we have The Grand Acquisitions Race!  It might be a giant hazing event sponsored by a hidden Greek organization disguised as a scavenger hunt, or the Chevin just like shiny things…. you ...

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Twonk Hammer

Good morning world, its been a while since I’ve had a post up on the TOROcast website. Things have been very busy with Twonk Hammer and the new house.  I have decided that its time to give you all the ...

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Update 1.3 Allies coming June 26th

I’m sure most of you know by now, but if you haven’t been following, patch 1.3 is scheduled to go live this Tuesday.  Augmentation, Adaptive gear, Ranked warzones and the group finder are right around the corner.  Time to get ...

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