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SWTOR Free to play?

Well E3 is over, and after all the excitement and speculation over server transfers, and big upcoming updates/expansions, I was shocked to to see this little bit of news to say the least.  Games(TM) recently had a sit down with ...

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Ranked Warzones, Finally!

1.3 is right around the corner, in fact on the PTS as we speak if you didn’t already know, and with it come some big changes to PVP.  Myself, along with i’m sure many of you are PVP’ers and, for ...

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TOROcast – Ep 151 – The Bright Side

This week’s episode was an interesting episode to record.  Tom and Samm discuss the future of game update 1.3 and break down this weeks community Q and A which was also focused around Game Update 1.3.  Some very important information ...

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1.3 almost ready for PTS

If you’re curious about what patch 1.3 will bring and don’t already have a character copy on the PTS, now may be a good time to send in that request based on a recent post stating the update is nearly ...

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