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Friday Update: Fan Friday

Its Friday Update time and Bioware gives us a Fan Friday.  Expect your usual Community Art, Avatars, Smilies, Fan Site Spotlight, the Q&A, Studio Insider and some extra treats thrown in.

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KtIBH – Just Got Paid

This week in Kaleb the Inept Bounty Hunter we say goodbye to our long time friends and I somehow bring this into a look at server transfers and other paid character services. I have no idea how I did it ...

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The Waiting

Between my own vacation and events that happened over the weekend, I’ll be forgoing the editorial part and just giving you all just the fiction. It is a referenced analogy that I’m sure most of you will enjoy and feel.

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Focast Retrospective

Since the twenty-second of October in two-thousand and eight—the launch of the Star Wars: The Old Republic website and forums—I have been closely following the development of this game and posting my thoughts about it on the internet. First as ...

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Fansite Summit PVP!

I have had to keep my mouth shut for almost two weeks, and it has been killing me. With yesterday’s embargo lifted and us finally able to talk about PvP I have a lot to say. Unlike my Bounty Hunter ...

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