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This is Where I Stand!

When I told you that Black Talon was tied for my favorite thing from the Fansite Summit, surely you asked yourself “well, what is the other one?” You may have guessed it, it was PVP. Remember all of those times ...

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Looking For Space

This week on KtIBH, we look at the challenges Kaleb faces when trying to get a group together to storm a base without the proper tools to help him. That’s right, we’re going to talk about The Dungeon Finder tool. ...

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Fansite Summit: Georg Zoeller Interview!

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Georg Zoeller, Lead Combat Designer of Star Wars:The Old Republic. We got some really interesting perspective on BioWare’s design philosophy. We also got an answer that simply blew my mind. Watch ...

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Friday Update: Sith Warrior Progession

After a week full of information from the Fan Summit many are still reading through the information.  But as with Bioware every Friday we get something more.  This Friday is the Sith Warrior Progression video and Lead UI Artist Michael ...

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Fansite Summit Gameplay Impressions

I have already explained a lot about my playtime at the Fansite Summit, both my love of The Black Talon and my extensive playtime with the Imperial Agent. Aside from that, I learned and saw a lot about Star Wars: The Old Republic ...

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Playing the Agent

As most people may have already figured out a part of our playtime at the Fansite Summit was a few hours of hands on time with either the Imperial Agent or the Bounty Hunter. Samm had a strong preference to ...

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