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My Ammo Is Hot

Many of you loved my exploration of the Inquisitor and Consular’s AC mechanics and so I followed that up by looking at the Warrior/Knight, fret not everyone else, I have not forgotten you! Today I am going to slam another ...

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Sgt Slaughter (Rules) In PvP

This past week, a debate sprung up on our forums about auto-facing—where players need not manually face toward an enemy to successfully attack—in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Some considered it not in keeping with the spirit of PvP. Others ...

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You Sir, Are a Ninja

Whether you are new to the MMO genre or an MMO veteran, most players have some familiarity with people being referred to as ninja looters, or ninjas for short. This term is thrown around often because of players feeling cheated ...

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TOROcast – Episode 96 – 2

This weeks episode of the TOROcast Samm and Musco are joined by Kimi. The three cover this week’s from BioWare on Star Wars: The Old Republic. The topic of discussion of the week was the new Jedi Knight video shocasing ...

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Words In Mah Mouf

From the rumors I’ve heard, Star Wars: The Old Republic has story. And not only the usual high-perspective “world story,” but a personal narrative for our characters more like what we’ve seen in BioWare’s single-player games. A big part of ...

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Macros Make You Better

Sometimes in MMOs it is the little things which can make or break the game and this is especially true for players like myself who do everything they can to squeeze everything out of their character. One of these things ...

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