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Companion Roles: Mortal Kitting

Companion characters are a major selling point for Star Wars: The Old Republic. These stalwart sidekicks provide the player with a constant “mini-group” that enables them to avoid being utterly crushed when soloing and also allows them to make up ...

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Pick Me, I'm Viable!

This week, BioWare’s own Georg Zoeller sparked a mix of excitement and curiosity when he confirmed that the Jedi Guardian, previously believed to be a dedicated tanking Advanced Class, would also have a viable DPS specialization. This caused many an ...

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Shifty Starting Companions

This week marked the release of the demo for BioWare’s upcoming Dragon Age II video game. Naturally, I downloaded it immediately, on both the Xbox 360 and on the PC, and played through it six times. One of the things I ...

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Attacking is No Longer Automatic

One thing about the combat of Star Wars: The Old Republic that has caused some concern for players is the lack of auto-attack in this game. Players seem to feel that it will redefine combat entirely but I am here ...

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On the Mend In SWTOR

As I ooze blood and pus in massive quantities following one of the most minor of modern outpatient surgeries, I can’t help but turn my mind toward long-term recovery mechanics in MMOs. Many MMORPGs include types of debuffs, wounds, or ...

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