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Friday Update: Fan Friday

Concept Artist Diego Almazan takes us through the creation of a Sith Temple, the Community Q&A answered by Rich Vogel,  Executive Producer of The Old Republic and Vice President of Production, BioWare Austin and the stellar community creations.  Also the ...

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Making a Game That Matters

Have you ever heard the term e-sport? Sure everyone knows of old school Quake or Counter-Strike tournaments. Some people may have tuned in to BlizzCon for a Starcraft match or two, but is the term just that simple? Is it ...

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Cantinas Gotta Be Awesome

Social areas are important in MMO games. Cantinas in Star Wars: The Old Republic need to be awesome to reflect this. Granted, this is a lower priority than the basics—fun combat, deep endgame, strong narrative—but it’s still a feature worth ...

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The Effects of Ranged Tanking

Hello and welcome to another week of Muscommunication. This week I would like to explore something that is definitely new to genre of MMO’s and no, it isn’t story. BioWare has introduced ranged tanking to the game. Certainly other games ...

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You Say Sith Warrior, I Say Tomahto

In the latest podcast, episode 88, there was a brief discussion about the use of altered speech to distinguish between basic-speaking species and cultural groups in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The alterations used in Star Wars tend to be ...

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After the great reaction I received for my article on the Jedi Consulars resource system “Mana, Force, Energy, WTF?” I decided to hit the topic once again. Except this time it is for the other lover of lightsabers, the Jedi ...

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